Did the World's Most Hated Airline Just Kill an Enormous Pet Bunny?

Did the World's Most Hated Airline Just Kill an Enormous Pet Bunny?

It just keeps getting worse.

By Alesandra Dubin

Unless you have been living in an Internet-free cave, you know that it has been a very, very tough few weeks for a particular airline.

Let's recap United Airlines recent PR woes, just in case: First, there was the controversy that lit up social media, when teens in leggings were barred from flying. Then, a video went viral that showed a bloody passenger being dragged forcibly off an overbooked flight when no one would volunteer to give up their seats. Just days later, a wedding-bound couple was removed from a flight. Regardless of the specifics that will emerge, let's just say it hasn't been a great time for optics over at United.

And now this: a giant rabbit has died aboard a United aircraft. The enormous, 35-inch-long rabbit named Simon died on a flight from London Heathrow to Chicago's O'Hare airport, the BBC reports. The 10-month-old bunny was being transported to "celebrity" owner when it discovered dead on arrival in the U.S. within the plane's cargo hold.

The bunny is the offspring of another rabbit called Darius, known to be the world's biggest rabbit, measuring at 51 inches long. Simon was headed for the record breaker as the largest bunny in the world.

United Airlines has said it is "saddened" and is investigating.

While the BBC notes that the death of animals on planes is "rare but not unheard of," get this: It cites

US Department of Transportation figures that show that in 2015 (the most recent data available), U.S. airlines reported 35 animal deaths. And of those, 14 happened on United flights, with nine more animals injured.

At any rate, let's just say the death of an adorable, fluffy pet isn't exactly the kind of press the airline needs right now.

Photo: Courtesy of Annette Edwards/Facebook

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