In a Completely Insane Move, One City Is Banning All Dogs From Its Downtown Area

In a Completely Insane Move, One City Is Banning All Dogs From Its Downtown Area

This is such an impractical solution!

By Kristyn Pomranz

If you weren’t already aware, certain areas of the country have passed ridiculous legislation that bans certain so-called “aggressive breeds” like pit bulls. But as anyone knows, a dog’s temperament is dependent on its owner (please see our article all about the history of Pibbles), so breed discrimination makes no sense.

So one city has decided to do away with breed discrimination—by banning dogs entirely! Eugene, Oregon (population: ~160,000) has enacted legislation that puts a ban on all dogs in their downtown area for the next six months. Violators will be fined $100, but judges reserve the right to increase that fee in court.

The city has recently dealt with several dog attacks—residents have complained about aggressive dogs in the area, and one woman’s dog was even killed in an altercation. But a sweeping measure that eliminates all dogs? It simply makes no sense!

First of all, the program allows exceptions (for police dogs, trained service dogs, and dogs whose owners live or work in the area), and second of all, banning dogs does not change an aggressive dog problem! The only solution is education, training, and proper socialization. All this ban does is punish innocent dogs—not irresponsible owners.

If you think this ban sounds insane, you’re not alone. One councilor, Emily Semple, voted against the ban. “We don’t ban a whole class (of people) just because something bad happens,” she said. Touché.

Although the ban will expire in November, Eugene can elect to extend if they believe it has been effective in making their city safer.

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