Pour Out 4,000 Tennis Balls (Into a Pool) for One Very Good Dog

Pour Out 4,000 Tennis Balls (Into a Pool) for One Very Good Dog

Taking a wonderful tradition to the next level.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Almost two years ago, Chris Sontag-Ratti lost his beloved dog named Everything. He was devastated by her death, so he decided to focus on all of the good times they shared and the quality time that they spent together.

To mark the one year anniversary of Everything's death, Sontag-Ratti decided to honor her memory. He took to Instagram and posted the following photo:

In short, Sontag-Ratti offered to send a tennis ball to anyone who asked with the hope that it would inspire them to spend quality time with their best canine friend. The response was overwhelming. He even edited his post to add, “Wow, I am blown away by the requests for tennis balls. Going to have to buy some more now. Thank you to everyone who requested a ball. I’ll do my best to make sure everybody gets one. Thank you.”

Now—one year later after Sontag-Ratti’s viral Instagram post, and two years after Everything’s passing—the commemoration continues. Dan’s Dog Walking at Pet Sitting from Port Washington, New York, collected 4,000 tennis balls and dumped them all into a pool so that two rescue dogs could have the ultimate swim-and-play session of their lives. Experience their joy below:

The kicker? The video ends with a hand-written message: "Tag your favorite shelter and we’ll donate a bag of balls!" Indeed, the company wanted to celebrate Everything’s memory while raising awareness about shelter dogs. A post on their Facebook page reads: “Did you know 3.9 million dogs enter our nations shelters every year? It is our hope through this video to be able to create awareness and support for local shelters throughout our country to get dogs adopted into their forever homes!”

Here’s hoping that between Sontag-Ratti and Dan’s Dog Walking, thousands of people are inspired to rescue a brand-new best friend—and that the tennis ball tradition gains even more traction next year!

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