9 Indisputable Facts About Every Person Who Has a French Bulldog

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Person Who Has a French Bulldog

Hey Frenchie lovers, our fact-checker confirms this is about you!

By Stacy Lenz

French bulldogs make excellent companions—and many celebrities and Bravolebrities agree. From The Rock to Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart to Mike Shouhed, everyone is hanging out with Frenchies these days. John Legend and Chrissy Teigan have a Frenchie as we're sure do a bunch of ordinary people. (See what we did there? John Legend pun!) 

But these people have more in common than a predilection for large-headed dogs and the fact that we’d like to hang out with all of them. Here are nine more absolutely true facts about every single person who has a French bulldog, famous or not. (If you don’t believe us, just call The Rock’s personal assistant and check!)

1. You file your taxes early.

You take your civic duty seriously and are prompt with getting your affairs in order. You positively shudder at the thought of having to file an extension.

2. You had a nice wedding (or plan to).

While you may have outwardly pretended you didn’t care how your big day would go down, there’s a romantic part of you that needed the whole nine yards (and in some cases, we mean that literally regarding the train of your dress).

3. You love a good vacation souvenir

Good times are meant to be cherished and remembered and there is absolutely no better way to do that than buying the whole family matching sweatshirts that say Cape Cod.

4. You are a solid swimmer.

You feel at home in the water, love being out on a boat and maybe even lifeguarded that one summer in high school.

5. You're the last one to board a plane.

You always intend to get to the airport the recommended two hours early, but somehow life gets in the way. Plus, it’s pretty cool to hear your name paged through the whole airport for final boarding.

6. You love to sing along to music in the car—but only when you're alone.

Nothing makes a long drive go by faster than singing along to your fave tunes, but also no one else needs to know that you flubbed the lines to "Gangsta's Paradise" again.

7. You have lovely handwriting.

You take a secret pride in your perfect penmanship and sometimes you even find yourself watching calligraphy videos on YouTube.

8. Your reputation in the kitchen precedes you.

Whether it’s writing your own cookbook or simply compiling family recipes and binding them as distributable Christmas presents for your entire family, everyone knows you are the person they want in the kitchen. Really though, will you bring your special seven-layer dip to the next book club meeting?

9. You know which fork is the salad fork (but you don't care).

You know just enough etiquette to fake your way through the fanciest of dinner parties, but if it were up to you, you’d be going through a drive-thru and dining a la car.

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