9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Pit Bull

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Pit Bull

Facts are facts for a reason, friendo.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Pit bulls may have been unfairly maligned by a bad reputation (please see our in-depth investigation into the rebranding of the breed to “Pibble”), but as we all know, in reality, they are sweet, loyal dogs with largely positive temperaments.

But what about pit bull owners—don’t they deserve a generalized reputation too? Of course they do! Here are nine hard-and-true facts about every single person who has a pit bull.

1. You always get your own half of pizza toppings.

Listen, you are more than happy to share (halvsies toppings are totally fine!), but no, you can’t just get both on the whole thing and then “pick off the mushrooms.”

2. You prefer dogs to people.

Sure, some humans are okay, but in general, you’d rather snuggle up or go on a long walk with your doggo who understands you even in silence.

3. You had a leading role in a school play once.

Sure, you like your alone time, but you can really shine when you’re handed the starring role.

4. You’ve been picked last for team sports.

You have been the underdog and therefore you feel for the underdog. (Especially the literal underdog.)

5. You don’t have a poker face...

Here’s how it goes down:

Friend: “After months of searching, I’ve finally found the wedding dress. What do you think?!”

You *wincing*: “I just don’t think of you as a ‘tulle ruffles’ kind of lady.”

6. ...and yet, you're pretty good at poker.

Call it luck or call it karma, but you're usually dealt a pretty good hand. (And you love an old fashioned parlor game.)

7. You believe in love at first sight.

Sure, getting to know someone's personality is important, but you can't help it: Most of your relationships have started with an instant attraction. You're just such a sucker for emotive eyes.

8. You will watch absolutely any movie that comes on the television.

Drama, comedy, action, horror, rom-com, hor-com, dra-fiction (okay, we're just making things up now)—you're willing to watch whatever. Your love of your couch is only matched by your open-mindedness.

9. You have been credited with saving someone's life.

Whether you literally planted yourself firmly in the face of danger or your emotionally support gave someone the strength they needed to survive, someone out there considers you their real-life angel on earth.

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