9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Pug

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Pug

Listen up pug people, we've got your number.

By Stacy Lenz

A group of pugs is called a grumble. Pugs have been around since 400 BC. Pugs have curlicue tails and fat potato bodies. THESE. ARE. TRUE. FACTS. ABOUT. PUGS. Duh.

But just as some things are true about all pugs, some things are also true about every single one of their humans. Pug owners have more in common than an aptitude for cleaning between skin folds with a Q-tip. Let us tell you all about how your similarities extend way beyond your love for these flat-faced angels.

1. You can cut a rug.

You may not dance often, but when you do, every body look out—you’ve got the moves!

2. You have a whole section of your closet dedicated to comfortable clothes.

Be it a caftan covered in pug faces or just an oversized tee shirt of one pug face, you love comfortable clothes and you’ve got the wardrobe to prove it.

3. You like a good pen.

There is just something so satisfying about finding a good pen, and you are going to keep tabs on it so no one tries to “borrow” it.

4. You can binge watch a show like nobody's business.

Couchtime is your favorite time, especially when your DVR is all queued up and ready to go.

5. You know how to spend money.

We’re not saying you run around town burning through cash, but when the perfect situation presents itself, you can really make it rain.

6. You have over a thousand Facebook friends.

You're chatty and a natural at talking to people and it shows in your social media following.

7. You love a conspiracy theory.

Someone has definitely called you a “truther” before, even if it was just in a context of your fascination with where Tyga gets his money.

8. You're gonna order appetizers.

People have innocently asked you, “Should we order an appetizer?” and you have straight up laughed in their face. Is that even a question? Speaking of your laugh…

9. People can recognize you by your laugh.

More than once, you’ve been sitting in your office chuckling at a video of a pug that runs sideways, when someone pokes their head around the corner of your office to say, “I knew that was you! I could recognize your laugh anywhere!”

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