Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff Talks About Working With And Going To "Couples Counseling" With Her Brother

Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff Talks About Working With And Going To "Couples Counseling" With Her Brother

Thefashion designer is business partners with her bro. 

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Rebecca Minkoff struck gold in 2001 with her iconic “I Love New York” t-shirt, launching her brand into overnight success. Since then, the designer’s pieces – including ready-to-wear apparel, handbags, footwear and jewelry are everywhere (900 stores worldwide).

While her admirable career accomplishments are endless, there’s one unit that remains priority: family. The fashion-forward mom of two stays super connected to her inner circle: husband Gavin, daughter Bowie Lou, son Luca Shai, and her own brother, Uri, who is the CEO of her namesake brand.

While Minkoff is currently gearing up for New York Fashion Week, the CFDA member is excited to participate in Beaches’ Social Media on the Sand event taking place in Turks & Caicos October 18-22. The weekend will focus on improving attendees’ social media skills with empowering sessions. Minkoff, who is a confirmed speaker, is excited to bring the family along, despite some less-than-positive past travel experiences.

“My son is six and my daughter is three. He’s always been great. When he was a baby, and I was breastfeeding, he would come with me to Korea and China and all over the world. He was always awesome, but she’s been a nightmare,” says Minkoff, of her daughter. “She’s just gotten to a age where it’s far easier. You can put a movie on and she’ll watch it. She’s out of diapers, so you’re not taking an extra bag of crap for that.”

Read on for our one-on-one with the social media savvy mom and entrepreneur, as she talks about fashion week support, date nights and working with her big bro.

Personal Space: New York Fashion Week is coming up – how does your family support you during this time?

In the past, they’ve come [to the show]. It’s a lot to ask my husband because, that day, the kids haven’t seen me for basically a week. They see me, and they want to be on me! This particular fashion week, I don’t think they’ll come. I’ll see them when it’s over.

PS: How does your husband Gavin usually help out during that crazy week?

I usually don’t see him, but he’s incredible. We know twice a year, they’re not going to see me. They usually see me in the morning – but not the normal routine, in the evenings: I’m not going to be there. He usually takes the lead and is pretty amazing being home for them every night. This is an interesting week, because school starts. I’m trying to adjust my schedule to take them to the first day of school and attend parent orientation at the same time. It’ll be a fun exercise in multi-tasking!

PS: Do you think either of your kids will follow your footsteps into fashion?

No, I don’t. From what I see now, it’s so early. My son is really into music and he’s an incredible drummer. My daughter, she’s an anomaly to me, to watch. I have no idea what’s to become of her.

PS: Speaking of siblings, you work very closely with your brother, Uri. What’s that like on a day-to-day basis?

For the most part, we talk a lot about it. It’s pretty smooth. Yes, we fight. All partners fight. When you add the brother and sister element, I think sometimes the fighting is more intense. We started seeing a couples’ counselor for business owners, about three years ago. Once or twice a year, we spend two days with this gentleman, and that’s been an incredible help because you can air all your grievances. You have a neutral party to say 'you're inline' or 'you’re out of line.' That’s been really great. 

PS: Are there things you and your brother always agree on? Disagree about?

We’re in such an evolving landscape. We don’t have things we agree or disagree on, but sometimes one of us might be a little bit more reluctant to try something new.

PS: How do you maintain being such a force in fashion and balance these relationships with your brother, your kids and your husband?

Everyone has different situations, but I think the way I’m able to make this work is with an incredible partner. Our role as parents is not relegated to old-school thinking of the mom makes dinner and the dad comes home late. My husband is a director, but he also has somewhat of a flexible schedule. Both of us are there. Both of us do the role that we were typically assigned has been a huge help. Working with your brother is another level of trust there that you probably can’t get with someone who might have different values or different ways of thinking. We’re such a tightknit family. Our kids are each other’s best friends. It helps the whole situation – knowing someone has my back.

PS: What’s a typical date night for you and your husband?

Oh, those don’t exist. These days, either he has a work event or I have a work event, and we go with each other. I think that because sometimes he has to work late, and sometimes I have to work late. While we have young children, then leaving them again another night is not something I want to pursue. So, date nights are rare. We should be having more date nights!

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