Fighting Over Your Partner's Ugly Stuff? How To Get Rid Of It Without A War

Fighting Over Your Partner's Ugly Stuff? How To Get Rid Of It Without A War

No need to break up over that ugly chair. 

By Marianne Garvey

Ever dream of being single again just so you can decorate your apartment exactly the way you want it?

You'd toss his hideous sports memorabilia, donate that ugly recliner. But you love them more than you're disturbed by their furnishings.

So be it, here are a few good excuses you can give your sigbificant othr when you want to get rid of something they own, but they're just too attached. Let's not start a war, hey?

Los Angeles based interior designer Leslie Ross tells Personal Space that it doesn't have to be a battle. There are some simple rules.

"If your boyfriend has a sentimental attachment to a piece of relatively cheap furniture that he bought from a chain store in college, it can be thrown away. If it leaves some remarkable void, you can always go back to that store and buy something together," Leslie says.

Another easy win in the “throw it away” category is any glassware that has chips.

"Just buy a new set — men typically don’t care. But they do tend to collect pieces with no meaning and keep them. If it has no meaning other than 'I’ve had it forever,' it can go," she says.

What if he has old bedding?

"Unless it’s your grandmother’s vintage quilt, get rid of it and buy new stuff together," Leslie says.

"I also advise couples who are moving into what might be their 'forever' home to get rid of pieces that you don’t use— unimportant or unvaluable art that serves no purpose other than it fills the wall, a chair that no one sits on. These are the kinds of items that end up in storage anyway, you should just get rid of it.

"As for what to keep, I always recommend keeping heirloom pieces. A lot of people often have their grandmother’s dining room bar hutch. Even if it doesn’t match your other pieces or your style, you can always refinish it and make it your way. It’s sentimental, but has a personal touch. Also, upholstered furniture (that isn’t from that chain store or purchased in college) is worth keeping, it can always be reupholstered if it’s a quality piece."

See? It doesn't have to be a huge fight. If you love them you can work with their "stuff."

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