Ditch the Bottled Water! These Are the Only Filter Pitchers You Need

Ditch the Bottled Water! These Are the Only Filter Pitchers You Need


By Mitra Sorrells

We've all heard it before: ”Drink more water!” The benefits are numerous—it helps your body get rid of toxins, keeps your skin and hair looking their best, increases your energy and can even promote weight loss. Whether you subscribe to the eight-glasses-a-day guideline or one of those more complicated formulas based on weight, it takes a conscious effort to stay fully hydrated. And for some of us there is the added complication of taste. As in, we can’t stand the taste of tap water!

So what’s a girl to do? Well, for years I kept an endless supply of bottled water at home and at work. But as I got older and (I’d like to think) wiser, I started to question the money I was spending on bottled water and the effect those piles and piles of plastic waste were having on the environment. Yes, I was recycling the bottles, but there’s still a huge environmental impact from the creation, transportation and even recycling process of plastics. (But that’s a conversation for another day.)

And then I found a solution: A water pitcher with a built-in filter. Now I have an endless supply of clean, clear, odorless water available whenever I want it (errr…I mean at least eight times a day.) And because we know you want to stay hydrated too, we’ve rounded up the best filter water pitchers you can buy right now. These six options, starting at just $25, mean you never have to lug those pallets of water bottles home from the store ever again. Your wallet—and your skin!—will thank you.


1. PUR LED 11-Cup Pitcher


PUR’s carbon water filter is certified to remove 96 percent of mercury and 95 percent of industrial pollutants, so you water will taste like, well, nothing. A built-in monitor illuminates the LED light when it’s time to change the filter. The pitcher is slim enough to easily fit in your fridge and it holds 11 eight-ounce glasses of water—perfect for you over-achievers.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $25.71


2. AquaGear Water Filter Pitcher


This eight-cup pitcher removes some of the most common tap water contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, mercury and chromium. It’s filter lasts for 150 gallons and it comes with a lifetime guarantee—if it ever breaks or malfunctions, Aquagear will replace it for free.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $69.95


3. ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher with Free TDS Meter


ZeroWater’s a push-and-pour spout makes it easy to dispense with one hand. The five-stage filtration system removes dissolved solids like aluminum, lead, zinc, nitrate and more that can leach into water from pipes and public water systems. It comes with a battery-powered meter that provides a measure of total dissolved solids so you know when it’s time to change the filter.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $34.79


4. Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System


If speed is important, this is the system for you. The main unit plugs into an electrical outlet. Fill the eight-cup pitcher with water, put it on the base, and in less than a minute it’s been pulled through the filtration system and sent back into the pitcher free of more than 66 contaminants. Store the pitcher in the fridge and then keep the included 16-cup dispenser on the base for clean water on demand.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $149.99


5. The Alkaline Water Pitcher


This 10-cup pitcher filters water through a seven stage cartridge that dissolves minerals and trace elements to alkalize water (which may be beneficial for gut bacteria).

BUY FROM: Amazon, $35.95


6. Soma Water Filtration Pitcher


This one made it on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2016—she called it “Gilligan’s Island chic” for its coconut shell carbon filter and sustainable white oak handle. This 10-cup pitcher is definitely one of the most stylish options and it’s super easy to fill: just hold the pitcher under your faucet and the lid door automatically opens.

BUY FROM: Bed, Bath & Beyond, $39.99

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