Device Addicts, Rejoice! This Airline Just Became the First to Offer Free, Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi

Device Addicts, Rejoice! This Airline Just Became the First to Offer Free, Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi

...and now you never have to talk to another stranger again.

By Alesandra Dubin

If you've flown in a coach cabin on a commercial aircraft lately, you may not be inclined to think of the position as a source of perks or extra comforts. But in a pretty big customer-friendly move, one airline has just become the first to offer fast, free Wi-Fi connectivity on every single flight... from departure gate to arrival gate, so no waiting impatiently to reach cruising altitude.

The airline is JetBlue, which was also the first to put live television at every seat. The airline's service clocks in at broadband speeds — similar to the kind of thing you might have at home — which claim to way outpace slow and spendy in-flight Wi-Fi found on competing airlines. For instance, Southwest charges passengers $8 per day for internet. American and Delta each charge $16.

JetBlue first introduced Wi-Fi on a single plane at the end of 2013, and has since expanded its so-called "Fly-Fi," recently completing installation on its entire fleet. The brand says its one of the most popular features among passengers.

“It’s 2017 and our customers expect to be connected everywhere, whether that be from the comfort of their sofa or 35,000 feet above it," said JetBlue marketing VP Jamie Perry in a statement announcing the rollout. Zing!

According to CNN Money, it's actually been a pretty good couple of years to be a passenger. As a result of consolidation and lower fuel prices, airlines have been less grabby about upcharging — and have been considering what's worth charging for at all. Delta's considering offering some meals for free (though not checked bags). The same airline made all its in-flight entertainment free last summer, and American followed suit quickly thereafter.

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