One Simple Ingredient Will Totally Fix Your Bottle of Cheap Wine

One Simple Ingredient Will Totally Fix Your Bottle of Cheap Wine

Paging #saltbae.

By Drew DiSabatino

On some occasions, you do need to shell out for a nicer bottle of wine. Maybe you’re going to a boss’s dinner party. Maybe it’s a gift. Maybe you just want to treat your spouse/partner after a tough week of work.

But if you’re just looking for something to give you a buzz while you watch 14 girls on The Bachelor exclaim they “aren’t here to make friends,” you’re probably just going to go with a cheap-ish wine. And hey, we’re not judging over here, because it’s what we do most of the time too. Heck, we’ve even been known to splurge for a boxed wine when the mood strikes. (If it’s good enough for Michelle Obama it’s good enough for us.)

And while it’s totally fine to go for the bargain bottle—and there are lots of excellent low-priced wines out there—sometimes you really, really strike out. And sometimes an expensive, high-quality wine isn't quite what you had in mind either: too sweet, perhaps? What if we told you there was one ingredient you could add to instantly transform the taste for the better? What if we told you it was something super-basic that you already have in your kitchen?

What if we told you it was salt?

According to Prima, that’s the secret discovered by former Microsoft exec and cookbook author Nathan Myhrvold at a recent dinner party. After hearing a fellow guest complaining about the sweetness of a wine, Myhrvold (who also authored the seminal Modernist Cuisine), took a pinch of salt and added it to his glass of Cabernet. Before long, he tells the Wall Street Journal, everyone else at the party was copying his behavior and adding a pinch of salt to their own glasses.

We’ve heard of a lot of wine hacks in our day (Wine & Cola, Cheap Wine in a Blender, or even freezing grapes to use as ice cubes) but nothing really compares to the simplicity of a little dash of salt.

Just don’t channel your inner #SaltBae or you might end up ruining your glass.

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