This Incredible Pizza Dome Is On Fire... Literally

This Incredible Pizza Dome Is On Fire... Literally

We're burning with desire to try one of the most intriguing pies we've ever seen.

By Jocelyn Vena

Pizza is one of those things that inspire the question: Why reinvent the wheel? Especially a wheel as tasty as a pizza pie? But some folks like to mess with perfection, and at times the result does seem worth the trouble. A little restaurant called The Place appears to fit into this category. According to Little Things, that's where they're currently serving up pizza in the form of a dome. A dome engulfed in flames. In videos posted to Instagram, you can at least get a glimpse of that delightful-looking creation. The dome is served up after it's set on fire, then it's cut open to reveal all the melty, gooey pizza goodness inside. Alas, if you're not in South Korea or heading there now, you won't be eating it in person. Not anytime soon.

Pizza flambé! #thebombpizza #pizzadome #theplace 📍Gangnam, Korea

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Yes, it looks like things can get a little dangerous sometimes, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't be down for a slice. Because, pizza. 

#폭탄피자 #폭탄피자불쇼 #피자 #더플레이스 #강남맛집 #더플레이스강남

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🔥💣BOMB PIZZA💣🔥 #theplace #bombpizza #delicious #foodporn #fire #traveldiaries

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This is not the first time the world has been introduced to the idea of the pizza dome. Back in the day (aka 2014), the folks over at Aspen Landing in Menasha, Wisconsin, also put their spin on the "flaming volcano pizza dome." Sadly, that restaurant has since closed. Won't some brave restaurant please bring it back stateside, asap?

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