Flight Attendant Lingo: 10 Terms to Know, From Professional to Sassy

Flight Attendant Lingo: 10 Terms to Know, From Professional to Sassy

It's not always as dramatic as it sounds (but sometimes it is).

You may be a legitimate, lifelong frequent flier — and still have no idea what those flight attendants are actually saying to each other over the intercom before takeoff. Not for long. Here's our little primer into the basics (and the beyond-basics) of flight crew lingo.

Let's start with the foundation.

1. Flight attendants, doors to arrival and crosscheck.

This means that they are disarming the emergency escape slides so that when the doors open, the slides don't go out automatically.

Crosscheck just means that one flight attendant is verifying another's work.

2. All-call

This is when the flight attendants all get the the intercom at the same time to talk, like a group chat.

3. Flight deck

This is the cockpit, simple as that! (See, this lingo can be pretty intuitive after all.)

4. Debrief

When you hear an attendant call for a debrief, it isn't necessarily over something important — or scary. They are meant to carry out debriefs over medical incidents but even a catering problem or passenger complaint can necessitate this step to ensure everything is recorded. 

As well, flight attendants have some lingo about passengers that they might actually not want us to know.

5. Miracle flight

Nope, this term doesn't mean all went well on a flight. This is when someone boards in a wheelchair, to get the benefits of early and privleged boarding — but then miraculously doesn't need one when the plane lands (usually people who need assistance de-board last). Hmmm, a ballsy approach.

6. Crotch watch

According to Flyer Life, flight attendants have an informal name among themselves for checking seatbelts: crotch watch. Classy... but succinct and accurate, we must admit.

7. Coach roaches and galley queens

They also have names for other flight attendants. The attendants who like to work in coach? Coach roaches. The attendant who takes the galley really seriously and will not let anyone step in his or her territory? A galley queen.

8. Landing lips

Female flight attendants will sometimes refer to putting on their "landing lips" when the plane is about to touch down, aka touching up their lipstick.

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9. Starburst

If you want to shock them with your knowledge of insider lingo, ask your flight attendants if they're going to serve the food in a starburst: This is when they start the food carts in the middle and go out front and back from there. 

10. 7500

There are also some codes you may not really want to know, like these emergency codes. If you hear them talking about 7500, then there is a threat of a hijacking on your aircraft, or it's already happened. 7700 is a more generic emergency code. 7600 means radio failure.

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When the flight is all over, you may be thinking about hitting the bar at your destination. Well, the crew may already have you beat: According to the Independent, they will sometimes whip up a batch of so-called "Crew Juice," which they drink all the way to the hotel to help them sleep.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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