Flight Attendants Use This Secret Hack to Warm Up on a Freezing Plane (And They'll Do it for You, Too)

Flight Attendants Use This Secret Hack to Warm Up on a Freezing Plane (And They'll Do it for You, Too)

It works, but it can be a little dicey.

By Alesandra Dubin

The air within a commercial airplane cabin often seems to come in just two equally miserable temperature extremes: freezing or totally sweltering. It’s a well-documented passenger complaint

Sure, flimsy little blankets might be available on some flights — and those might be filthy. Perhaps you’ve planned ahead with a cashmere throw (a royal-worthy tip from Prince Harry's ultra-chic jet-setting gf Meghan Markle) or something else in which to wrap yourself for comfort in an effort to summon some warmth.

But what you may not know is that flight attendants sometimes pull out a little secret from their own bag of professional tricks that can help you get comfortable on a freezing-cold flight.

When Insider reporter Nicholas Carlson found himself shivering on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, he first layered on multiple clothing items. Still unable to get warm, he finally approached flight attendant at the back of the plane to inquire as to whether any emergency blankets were available. Nope.

But that’s when things turned around. “Another attendant came up from further back in the galley. She said: ‘Here, use this. It's what we do.’ She handed me a liter-sized water bottle — the kind you buy from the store. It looked normal, but it felt different — hot.”

And it worked! 

But, as Carlson reported in Insider, the flight attendant was also quick to warn, “Be careful you don't burn yourself.”

And that advice was sage: Olivia Munn once tried a similar trick to get warm on a flight, but found herself with third-degree burns.

So next time you’re freezing on a plane, you might ask the flight attendant for the hot-water trick. But do so at your own risk. And whatever you do… don’t drink it.

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