Want a Scratch N Sniff Pizza Shirt? 9 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Foods All Year Long

Want a Scratch N Sniff Pizza Shirt? 9 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Foods All Year Long

If you are what you eat, you might as well wear it too, right?

By Tamara Palmer

If you haven't gotten around to starting that spring cleaning project yet, here's some inspiration to clear out extra space in your closet: We've rounded up a collection of T-Shirts you'll want to add to your wardrobe asap. From 3-D burgers to donuts to scratch 'n sniff pizza, these food-centric garments are good enough to eat. Watch out, or someone just might rip that seven-decker burger right off your shirt.

The Epic Burger T-Shirt

Eating a seven-layer burger is something you may never have the opportunity—or the stomach—to take on, but wearing one is the next best thing.

NY Pizza Scented Shirt

Who wouldn't want to walk around smelling like a fresh-from-the-oven pizza? A pizza shirt that takes its inspiration from retro scratch 'n sniff stickers is a shirt that's destined to make new friends. The smell is supposed to last through the first several washes; after that, you'll have to stain it with the real thing.

Donut Stack Tee

Facts: There are no calories in this sweet stack of donuts. And you don't have to commit to just one flavor. 

Batman Pizza Logo T Shirt

Haven't seen Batman vs. Superman yet? Here's a lead on the perfect outfit to wear to the theater.

Egg Face T-Shirt

Eggs + bacon= happiness. Plus, this shirt bears an uncanny resemblance to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, no?

Like a Gangsta Triblend Scoop

Portland chef Jenn Louis, who is opening a restaurant in Los Angeles at the end of the year, came up with a cute shirt for Flavour Gallery. It reads, "I drink my bourbon out of a thimble sized glass like a gangsta." Enough said.

Corn on the Cob T-Shirt

Yes, this is a very, very corny shirt, there's no doubt about it. But it's also a fast way to bust out of the months of cold weather doldrums and celebrate the any-second-now warm weather.

Junk Food Squad Goals Tee

Tacos, pizza and fries: If you have the proper junk food #SquadGoals, this is the trifecta tee for you.

Beer Bear T-Shirt

And now, some wisdom from the animal kingdom: Bear plus deer equals beer. 

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