Here's Why the Foods You Love Most Might Be Ruining Your (or Your Date's) Sex Drive

Here's Why the Foods You Love Most Might Be Ruining Your (or Your Date's) Sex Drive

How can four of our favorite food groups all be on this list?

By Lindsay Tigar

When you're planning a hot date night, surely a delicious dinner (or at least booze) is part of the picture: a bottle of wine, a decadent chocolate dessert, a gorgeous cheese platter, all arranged on a candlelit micro-table at a cozy bar.

Not so fast. According to Food Beast, the very foods that often make up a romantic night out could actually make you lose that loving feeling. The site details 11 foods that can diminish sex drive, and while we’re bummed to hear that any dish or drink can make us feel less in the mood, it’s these four that break our hearts: cheese, chocolate, coffee and alcohol. Here is why you should (apparently) avoid these if you're hoping your hot date goes as planned:


Whether you're indulging in a beautifully arranged cheese plate—a creamy Epoisses, an umami-packed Parmigianio-Reggiano, a heavenly goat cheese—or a chef's fancy version of mac and cheese cheese, you'd better think twice. Dairy products have high hormone levels, including both estrogen and testosterone, that can cause you to feel out of whack. It’s no surprise you might not feel as excited to get-it-on when you’re fighting the bloat.


All that talk of chocolate as an aphrodisiac might be misleading. The verdict is still out on chocolate, but some sources say that it can make both men and women feel sleepy, and the sugar content might lower men’s testosterone levels. So...small doses and hope for the best? 


If you’re sensitive to caffeine but still reach for your morning cup, that might be the reason you’re not really into A.M. sex. Not only can caffeine increase your anxiety level (which can make it tough to get a romp sesh going), but some sources claim it can also mess with erectile function and the ability to have an orgasm.


Dates, especially first dates, can definitely benefit from a substance that will calm your nerves and work up your confidence—and alcohol? It always seems to do the trick. But if you’re planning to end with a nightcap upstairs, cutting back on the booze might be a smart (if counterintuitive) idea. Like caffeine, alcohol can lower your sex drive, and for guys, booze can make it more difficult to perform. Stop us if you've heard that claim before, but who wants to remember a thing like that?

For more foods that you might want to avoid if you're hoping for some action, check out the rest of the list here.

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