This Foster Dog Has a More Impressive Resume Than You

This Foster Dog Has a More Impressive Resume Than You

Past experience includes: Being a good girl.

By Kristyn Pomranz

When you’re updating your dog resume, there a few things you want to keep in mind: Make sure to use the right keywords like “BARK” and “WOOF.” Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments, such as “Ate 150% more Greenies than my cat counterpart.” And back up your qualities and strengths—we know you are a “good boy” but what makes you a good boy?

For a dog resume-writing master class, look no further than Mowgli, a part-German shepherd, part-Rwandan street dog who is looking for a temporary foster home.

Mowgli belongs to a woman named Kelsey, who adopted the sweet dog when she was just a four-week-old puppy living in Rwanda. But more recently, the California-based Kelsey needed to find a long-term foster for her pup while she studies in NYC—and she decided a dog resume might be the ticket to convincing her friends to take Mowgli in.

Kelsey began the resume and then asked her best friend Megan’s boyfriend Scott (a purported master of dog puns) to spice it up a bit. “I love all doggo memes,” he told Mashable, ”so a lot of my inspiration comes from that.” Megan then took to Twitter and shared the resume, where it has enjoyed some viral success. 

Among its highlights?

  • Objective: Looking for a new position that will allow me to utilize my loyalty, goofiness, loving companionship, incredible ability to zoom, and stunning good looks. Chased squirrels and provided vital guard dog services. Attained a squirrel invasion rating of 0% for four consecutive quarters.
  • Attempts to internationalize and tutor two white Labrador retrievers (unsuccessful). Butts were sniffed and best friends were made, however.
  • Reason for leaving: Irreconcilable differences with Cat.
  • Skills: Giving upside down hugs, international travel, chasing birds, thinking I’m a person, road trips and adventures, listening to commands, and making new friends. Multi-lingual: fluent in borking, sniffing; speaks English, Kinyarwanda, early/intermediate Spanish. Is a good girl.

The good news? The resume did the job, because some other friends have offered to care for Mowgli until Kelsey returns from her studies in New York. "She has lived a pretty extraordinary life," Kelsey told Mashable, "And is a very happy dog."

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