Fredrik Eklund on How Dogs Fritzy and Mini Help Him Make Major Sales

Fredrik Eklund on How Dogs Fritzy and Mini Help Him Make Major Sales

The Million Dollar Listing New York broker dishes on his mini Dachshunds.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Million Dollar Listing New York broker Fredrik Eklund is known for making big sales, but when it comes to his dogs, he keeps it small—like, 10-pound miniature Dachshunds small. Here, Fredrik dishes on how he spoils his dogs Fritzy and Mini, and how they help him make sales.

How would you describe your dogs’ personalities?

Fritzy is old now, but he’s like fine wine—he gets better with age. He’s turning 13 this year, so he’s balding and he’s shrunk a little bit, but he’s really handsome. He has a new, young girlfriend, which is Mini, who’s one and a half. Now Fritzy’s not as growly and stubborn and woofy as he used to be. He’s calm and happy and old. Very sweet, very sweet.

Has Mini helped him channel his youth a little more? How do they interact together?

Mini is just crazy in a good way. She’s a very hyper, happy dog and she’s obsessed with Fritzy. She always wants to be with him. I think she has a crush on him. It’s good because he still has a lot of energy and he plays with her. They love each other.

Do you think your dogs have picked up your expertise in real estate?

Yes. They love our weekend house in Connecticut—we’re going today! They see the bags come out, and they get very, very excited. They’re obsessed with Connecticut because in their world, there are so many smells and sounds and birds. They have so many animal friends out there. We have turtles in our pond! When we get back to New York, and there’s no dirt and there’s a big city, they don’t like that. (My team is laughing at me. Do you hear them laughing at me in the background? They think I’m hilarious.)

Is there an architectural style that Mini and Fritzy prefer?

It’s funny that you ask me, because they have their own room and bathroom suite both in the apartment and the house. And in the Connecticut house, they’re obsessed with the fireplace. They’re very spoiled. I think they like the countryside more and the way it looks. Our Tribeca apartment is very modern, so they don’t like that.

Mini is ready to go out in the gorgeous but cold sunset. 🌭🌭🌭

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Do they have non-negotiables in a home?

Inside their bedroom, they have their own houses—little fur-cladded dog houses that are very soft. They have one each, but sometimes they squeeze themselves into one together. We have to have that everywhere.  One time we went to Mexico and we brought them to Cabo, and we had to bring those houses with us.

Do you and Derek have different styles in taking care of Fritzy and Mini?

Yeah, for sure. 180 degrees. He’s very strict, which is good. For example, when we give them a bone, he goes, “Baskets. Baskets.” They have to run into their baskets and eat the bone, because he doesn’t like it when they eat on the sofa. But I let them eat it anywhere. So he’s more strict and I’m more of a spoiler. It’s good because we’ll have kids eventually, and I think we’re going to have similar goals, which is great. He’s very firm and has rules and restrictions. I’m much more loving and I can’t be strict with someone I love.

My favorite time of the week, arriving here. 🐶

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Do you think they would like Ryan Serhant?

I think that Mini would really try to lick his face, yeah.

You’re good friends with Bethenny Frankel. Have Mini and Fritzy ever played with Cookie or her new dogs?

No, we were just talking about it, that we needed a dog date!

What do you think is the craziest way that you’ve spoiled your dogs?

My old dog [Mousey] just passed last April. Toward the end, she was very sick and very old. So I flew her to Miami, just me and her. The whole weekend was about her. She always loved the beach, so she wanted to spend her last couple days on the beach. She wanted to run on the beach. She hadn’t run for weeks because she was so sick. She ran in the sand that one last time with her tongue out on the sunset and it was really beautiful. I got a hotel right there on the beach and I wanted to spend some time, just her and me, and I wanted to discuss with her, her whole life.

Have your dogs ever helped you make a sale?

They help me make a sale every day because they make me happy. When I’m in a really bad mood and I’ve lost a deal, I come home and they lick my tears. They make me feel better because they don’t ever judge. At showings, if someone has the dogs, that’s the perfect way to break the ice and start a real conversation. The client or the broker will like me more because of dogs and that will help the sale immediately. You instantly connect with that person because you share the interest of dogs. 

You just love your dogs.

Exactly, I love my dogs. I have no problem saying it—and I’ll say it in front of my team—my dogs give me more joy that any human being in the world. They are so hilarious. They bring me so much joy every day. This morning, Mini and I were laying on the floor, rolling around, screaming laughing together, doing high fives. Derek looks at me like, “You’re crazy.”

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Unleashed is Bravo's celebration of pamper-worthy pets and how to spoil them. Want more? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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