She'll Take You From Breakup To Boss: How One Woman Turned (Heartbreak) And A Niche Eyelash Biz Into Gold

She'll Take You From Breakup To Boss: How One Woman Turned (Heartbreak) And A Niche Eyelash Biz Into Gold

She took her lashes to the masses and never looked back. 

By Marianne Garvey

Even when she was crying she knew she needed lush lashes. She had a hunch other people did too. 

Going through some major job - and life - changes and living back home with her mom, Megan Ryan, 34, knew that she needed to take control of her life - be her own boss and follow her dreams - while still looking and feeling beautiful. Always getting compliments on her style, clothes, makeup - and especially her eyelashes, which she had been paying to get done at a not-so-chic New York City spot, she decided the market was wide open for her own lash biz and she jumped at the opportunity. 

Studying lashes, learning where to buy her own mink ones, and becoming an expert in how to apply them, she became the star of her class, never mind the go-to eyelash whiz for her friends and family. She decided to take her talents outside the city, where there was a need for a lash shop. Within months, she dominated the lash world with her shop MEG-a-lashes (get it?), and soon drew a clientele so large, the waiting list to get an appointment is nearly a month out. If you want her to do your lash extensions personally, you may have to wait longer. 

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Everyone from older women in need of a pick-me-up to teens who saved their allowances for lash extensions were thrilled with the job Megan and her employees - all women - did. There is one male in her shop, Mehmet Koray (known as Koray), who has his own private room in the shop where he specializes in microblading. For her lashes, Megan says it's like an "instant facelift," adding that if you don't want to wear makeup, lash extensions are a trick to feeling good barefaced. 

"I'm able to help you feel beautiful," Megan tells Personal Space. "It's just like getting your nails done every two to three weeks."

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With one special visitor (Megan keeps her clients anonymous) she was able to draw a few high profile clients from Greenwich, CT., and the Hamptons, who pay a car service to drive her out to their homes for a private lash session. For that, she charges $1,000 to $1,500. 

"I only use high grade mink lashes on everyone, and you really can't find that," Megan says, adding that the girls she hires are highly trained and can only hit the floor doing lashes after six months of training. 

She also plays therapist for the time she's applying the lashes. As clients rest on a comfy white massage-like bed with their eyes closed, they can't help but get chatty. 

"Women cry to me, getting divorces, afraid to leave they tell me they feel it's too late to follow their dreams," she says. "I've had girls come in, they have have breakups, and I've inspired them...Many have started businesses because of me talking to them. I started at the beginning, I had no idea how to do this. I tell anybody who wants to do anything just start slow and make your way up. Focus. Any woman can be on her own. You can turn your life around."

As for the lashes, you won't have to wear makeup, you look refreshed "like a good night's sleep," Megan says, "no racoon eyes."

"Because I was once the client, I saw myself getting addicted and I sat there and realized I was coming back every two to three weeks and giving someone else my money...So I thought why not me?"

Check out some of Megan's work here:

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