From Yulin to the Vineyards: How One Dog Escaped Death and Wound Up in California

From Yulin to the Vineyards: How One Dog Escaped Death and Wound Up in California

Miracles are real.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Anyone who is even a little bit familiar with Lisa Vanderpump knows about her extreme passion for dogs and her organized efforts to bring an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The ten day “celebration” encourages consumption of dog meat to “help ward off the heat.” During the festival, thousands of dogs—often in abominable condition—are paraded through the streets in meat cages, preparing for death.

But in 2016, volunteers from around the globe saved over 1,000 dogs from Yulin, many of which were taken to a safe house in Nanning, China. Some of the dogs had injuries so severe that even the safe house couldn’t guarantee their survival. But three volunteers—Jeffrey Beri, Deborah Hall, and Lia Lee—took it upon themselves to save as many dogs as they could—caring for them, getting medical support, vaccinating them, and microchipping them—miraculously restoring their health to the point that they could be placed in forever homes.

One such dog, a greyhound named Lady, arrived in Narring dehydrated, mangy, and gasping for air. But with the help of the volunteers, she slowly regained strength and not only survived, but thrived, even becoming a “mom figure” and motivator for other Yulin-survivor dogs. She has since been adopted by Deborah—one of the volunteers!—and transported to America where she lives in California and frolics through the vineyards. Here is her amazing transformation. WARNING: There is some sensitive imagery at the beginning.

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