OMG, LOL: 35 Funny Three-Letter Airport Codes That Will Make You Giggle, BRO!

OMG, LOL: 35 Funny Three-Letter Airport Codes That Will Make You Giggle, BRO!

Let's talk about SEX.

By Eric Rosen

If you're a grownup jet-setter with a grade schooler's sense of humor — this one's for you. Here, we bring you a compilation of three-letter airport codes that will make you teehee inwardly, even while you strut your sophisticated roller bag through the terminal totally straight faced.

Some airport codes are simply BAD (Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana) and others will make you GRR (Grand Rapids, Michigan). Still others will have you screaming EEK (Eek, Alaska), and a few should produce a WOW (Willow, Alaska). And some will likely induce a LAF (Purdue, Indiana) or two. So let’s have some FUN (Funafuti, Tuvalu), shall we?

Here are a few of the choicest airport codes that might not be SFW (Santa Fe, New Mexico) — so read at your own RSK (Ranswiki, Indonesia)!

1. BOO

Don’t be scared to fly into Bodo, Norway.

2. BRO

It’s almost shockingly appropriate that this is the code for spring break spot South Padre Island, near the town of Brownsville, Texas.

3. BRR

Sounds like you’d better bring a scarf and gloves if you plan to fly to Barra in the U.K.

4. BUD

You can’t help but make new friends in Budapest, Hungary.

5. BUM

It’d be a total bummer to miss out on Butler, Missouri.

6. CAT

Cascais, Portugal, must be an especially pet-friendly place.

7. CIA

Think Rome’s Ciampino airport is top secret?

8. DAD

We bet the pilots who fly to Danang in Vietnam tell corny jokes, too.

9. DIE

If you’re a nervous flier, you might want to steer clear of Arrachart, Madagascar.

10. DIK

As in, don’t be one... when you hear that this is the code for Dickinson, North Dakota.

11. DOG

Watch where you step in Dongola, Sudan.

12. DOH

Homer Simpson must have helped pick the code for the airport in Doha, Qatar.

13. DUM

There’s nothing dumb about Dumai, Indonesia.

14. FAB

Seems fitting that airlines come to show off their shiniest, newest planes at Farnborough in the U.K. No word on whether Patsy and Edina plan to attend this year’s International Airshow.

15. FAQ

Who’s asking about Freida River, Papua New Guinea?

16. FAT

Poor Fresno. It’s airport code is going to give it body issues.

17. FUK

With a code like this, it might or might not surprise you to learn that Fukuoka is one of Japan’s busiest airports.

18. GAG

Sorry, it’s just a reflex when we talk about Gage, Oklahoma.

19. GAY

You can have a gay old time in Gaya, India. 

20. HIP

Who knew the folks of out-of-the-way Headingly, Australia, were so trendy?

21. HOG

Wonder if they have good carnitas in Holguín, Cuba — given the airport code?

22. HOT

Does that make residents of Hot Springs, Arkansas, HOTties?

23. IOU

Stay away from Ile Ouen, New Caledonia, if you own anyone money.

24. KOK

Kokkola-Pietersaari, Finland, proves that when it comes to hilarious airport codes, it’s not all about size.

25. LOL

It’s all sunshine and giggles in Lovelock, Nevada.

26. MAD

What’s there to be angry about a trip to Madrid?

27. MOM

Would your mother ever let you travel to Moudjeria, Mauritania?

28. OMG

 Like, have you heard that this is the code for Omega, Namibia?

29. PEE

Those of you in for a bit of potty humor might want to pay a visit to Perm, Russia.

30. POO

Or Poco de Caldas, Brazil, for that matter.

31. POW

Portoroz, Slovenia, sure packs a punch.

32. SEX

Those Germans in Sembach must get up to all kinds of fun with an airport code like this.

33. SUX

Sucks to be Sioux City, Iowa!  

34. UMM

Guess it’s all awkward pauses in Summit, Delaware.

35. YEP

That’s the end. Signing off from Estevan Point, British Columbia.

Curious about finding some naughty codes of your own? This site has a thorough listing of airport codes currently in use, so you can LUK (Cincinnati-Lunken) to your HRT’s (Linton-on-Ouse) content.

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