15 Funny Tweets from Totally Desperate Caffeine Addicts (Hey, We Get It)

15 Funny Tweets from Totally Desperate Caffeine Addicts (Hey, We Get It)

Good to the last drop.

By The Feast Staff

When you're dying for a cup of coffee—as in, you might actually keel over and die if caffeine doesn't enter your bloodstream immediately—Tweeting won't save you. But it might help you kill a few seconds (instead of another human) until your coffee is ready. Inspired by the folks at Twentytwowords and BoredPanda, we bring you a handful of Tweets from the caffeine-desperate. Use these as therapy, as idle humor or as a life-saving distraction when you need one.

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It's spelled "Melania," by the way. Here, @SourceFed, have another cup. This one's on us. 

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