Remember George the Wombat? He's Back—And Cuter Than Ever

Remember George the Wombat? He's Back—And Cuter Than Ever

We have never loved an animal more than George.

By Kristyn Pomranz

George the wombat is one of those animals that we just never could quite get out of our minds. If you need a refresher, George was a four-month-old wombat rescue, found after his mother was tragically killed by a car. He was then adopted by the Australian Reptile Park where he formed an immediate bond with his caretaker, a renowned wildlife conservationist named Tim Faulkner.

No big deal, right? WRONG. SUPER BIG DEAL. GEORGE IS THE CUTEST ANIMAL IN THE WORLD. Seriously, if you missed the video of George playing like a puppy, do yourself a favor and go watch it immediately.

And because life can be truly wonderful, The Australian Reptile Park has shared an updated video of George. It seems that he has really taken to his new home with Tim, and he is living it up: exploring couches, stealing snacks, snuggling with stuffed animals, and sleeping in a plush drawer full of socks.

Once again, we must remind you (okay, okay, we’re reminding ourselves) that wombats are wild animals and you should never sneak out into the night to find them and put them in your purse so that you can bring them home and make them your new best friends. Thank you.

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