Get Ready For Sex Status Updates: There Is Now A "Fitbit" For Sex

Get Ready For Sex Status Updates: There Is Now A "Fitbit" For Sex

It will answer the question "What's my thrust velocity?"

By Marianne Garvey

Having lots of sex? Hey, why not track the calories you’re burning while you’re at it? It does count as exercise, right?

Now you can.

British Condoms has created the i.Con, a "smart condom" that works like a Fitbit for sex. It’s not exactly a condom, it’s more of a penis “ring” that records sex movements you can later (hope not during) check out.

Wearers can also compare their stats with their friends, if you’re interested in sharing your sex life with other people.

The condom will also answer the following questions:

What's my thrust velocity? How fast are my thrusts? How many calories did that sesh just burn? How many times did I just have sex? What's the average skin temperature of my... eggplant? What's my girth? How many different positions did I just conquer?

Oh my goodness.

But on a serious note, the i.Con can be used to track the last time you did it, when you need to do it if you are trying for a baby, and how long you did it for each time.

The ring, currently available for preorder on British Condoms for $74, and also pairs with an app you can check on your phone.

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