Relationship Over? Better Get Started On Your Ultimate “Revenge” Look

Relationship Over? Better Get Started On Your Ultimate “Revenge” Look

Four experts reveal how to get a better you.

By Delaina Dixon

Tiny Harris may no longer be with her estranged husband, T.I., but that’s not stopping her from living her best life yet. The singer and reality star has been hitting the gym hard and been showing off her hard-earned results on social media. She’s also working on a solo TV series and planning a 2017 reunion tour with for ‘90 hit girl group Xscape, according to reports. Pretty good stuff. 

Not sure where to get started after a breakup? We spoke with four experts who shared what you can do to get your revenge look (hint: It’s all about feeling your best - from the inside out).

The Fitness Trainer

“Cycles, elliptical, stair masters and treadmills are ideal in dropping body fat, and getting lean muscle,” reveals Kesha Butler, a professional fitness competitor and a certified personal trainer at Mercedes Club in New York City. “Idealistically, you would start seeing results in two weeks if training 4 to 5 times a week.” But the benefits are definitely more than achieving a body that’s Instagram-worthy. “Change in your health is good for the mind, body and soul.  No matter what age you are, taking care of your body is imperative when wanting to a healthy, longevity life span. It should be done for you and only you, not for anyone or anything.”

The Plastic Surgeon

“Women seeking surgery after recent breakups tend to say they need a change, and feel more confident about a specific part of their body -- for themselves,” states Jonathan Bank, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC. “That could be less invasive treatments like Botox and fillers, procedures with limited downtime and faster recovery.” For more significant life changes, like divorce or end of a long-term relationship, a long-awaited change like a breast lift or augmentation, tummy tuck or facelift may be the path you choose to take, Jonathan shares. And the timing couldn’t be more advantageous. “I asked a 36-year-old recent divorcé who had a dramatically transformative mommy makeover (breast lift, tummy tuck, buttock lift) if her ex knows about her surgery. She told me, ‘Pfff he's never getting to enjoy any of this!’”

The Stylist

Image expert Samantha von Sperling, creator of ASK SAM, says now is NOT the time to let yourself go. “Get a hair trim, facial and a mani-pedi. Buy yourself a new dress that makes you feel sexy. This is very important.” She also says that your breakup is not a funeral. “Wear your other favorite color, preferably something bright so you can be easily spotted by the next guy. Nothing takes your mind off the last man than a new man who’s even better!” The top styling trick of all? “Have your girlfriends over or go out and drink champagne,” Samantha declares. “Happiness is your best styling tool.”

The Relationship Coach

"The best revenge is living well. Take a break from dating and focus on yourself,” advises Julia Bekker, matchmaker and relationships expert for Hunting Maven. “Setting your mind to achieving personal goals that have been put off and doing things that make you happy is the best remedy for a breakup. Once you feel good about yourself and are happy on your own, without your ex, you will glow and everyone will notice.” If you do run into your ex, “Be cordial and brief,” Julia shares. “Say hello, smile and keep it moving. Indifference cuts deeper than anything else. Trust me, he or she will know you've moved on."

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