FINALLY, You Can Get Your Pup’s Face Printed on Some Socks—And Help Dogs in Need

FINALLY, You Can Get Your Pup’s Face Printed on Some Socks—And Help Dogs in Need

PupSocks: Adorable and altruistic!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Remember earlier this year when Patricia Altschul announced that she was launching a line of caftans featuring patterns customized with your dog’s face? We all thought Patricia’s Couture Custom Pet Caftan had really cornered the market on personalized pet apparel. But now it seems the Southern Charm matriarch has a bit of competition.

PupSocks is a relatively new company that custom-prints your dog’s face on — what else? — your socks. The process is quite similar to Patricia’s Couture: You simply upload a hi-res picture of your pup’s face*, then PupSocks’ design team meticulously cuts it out and patterns it across a pair of socks*. Prices range from $24.99 to $29.99 (depending on color), which is probably more than you typically pay for a set of socks, but will pair quite nicely with Patricia’s $300 caftans.

*Despite its name, PupSocks is not limited to pups—or socks. They will gladly print the face of any furry (or feathered or scaled or hairless) friend, and they also offer customized ties, which start at $39.99.

But should the price tag turn you off, consider their mission: Every pair feeds another animal in need. Since the company’s conception, they’ve been collaborating with Humane Society and Ahimsa House, a refuge that provides emergency shelter, veterinary care, and safety planning to animals of victims of domestic violence throughout Georgia.

“I am incredibly proud to be able to partner with Ahimsa House and help them as they assist pets and families,” said Zach Zelner, co-creator of PupSocks, in a press release. “Many victims of domestic violence delay seeking safety because they are concerned about what will happen to their pets, and Ahimsa House provides a safe place for these animals. Our partnership with Ahimsa House underscores our mission to do good and strengthens our drive to build the most sustainable business model so that we can continue to help others.”

So just to recap: You can get socks with your pet’s face on them, and intrinsically help animals in need to boot. Sounds like a pretty good purchase to us — so long as we can get over the idea that we’d basically be stomping on our pets’ faces all day.

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