Giada De Laurentiis is a Huge Fan of These Two Restaurants

Giada De Laurentiis is a Huge Fan of These Two Restaurants

Here's where the TV food celebrity loves to dine when in NYC and Rome.

By Jocelyn Vena

Like the rest of us, Giada De Laurentiis has her own personal Cheers. You know, a place where she feels comfortable enough just sitting back and relaxing, and, of course, everyone knows her name. When The Feast recently chatted with the celebrity chef, she opened up about some of her favorite restaurants, where, let's face it, she likely has a standing reservation. So, if you're looking to live la dolce vita like Giada, here are some of her picks.

When in New York City, Giada likes to make a stop at Milos. It's not only the "great ambiance" of the dining room (pictured below) that draws her to the midtown restaurant, which specializes in Greek cuisine, but also its selection of fresh fish. "I love the fish display. I feel like it teaches people about fish and how to pick it and what to look for," she said. "And their food is extremely simple. It is not gussied-up Greek food, and, at the end of the day, that's all anybody wants."

Giada's next pick takes us outside the U.S.A. and has long been a De Laurentiis favorite. And we can't say we can blame her for making sure to add it to her itinerary when she's in Roma. "Rome is one of my favorite food cities. It is also where I was born. And Al Moro is a restaurant in the center of Rome [that] my family has been going to for eons. And they make an incredible pasta amatriciana. It’s a classic Roman dish; so is carbonara. But the amatriciana has pancetta or guanciale and tomatoes and onions and it’s all stewed together, basically, and it’s probably the best pasta ever."

In addition to making our mouths water at the thought of all that tasty food, Giada is also using her celebrity for good. She recently teamed up with Triscuits and Indiegogo to shine a light on their Triscuit Maker Fund, which brings funds to foodmakers around North America. "It's like an elf dropping a bag of money at somebody's door," she said of the brand's $250,000 contribution to the campaign. "I just thought it’s such a nice way to give back to a community, and it is my community. And the ability to help others make their dream come true—there is no better feeling."

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