This Girl Scout's Brutally Honest Reviews of Every Type of Cookie Are Very Funny

This Girl Scout's Brutally Honest Reviews of Every Type of Cookie Are Very Funny

How does your favorite cookie rate?

By Drew DiSabatino

We live in a world full of hidden advertising, paid reviews and customer rating apps. With so much information about different products and eating experiences, it can be a little hectic figuring out who’s being fair and honest in their Yelp review, and who is just trying to exact revenge on a waiter who accidentally spilled a drink on them.

That’s why now more than ever it’s important to go straight to the source. You’ve got to just eliminate the middle-man and get the reviews from the people who you can trust really know a product best.

Case-in-point: these brutally honest reviews of Girl Scout cookies by one very opinionated, eloquent Girl Scout.

In a video shared by PEOPLE, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs posts to his Facebook followers about a letter written by Charlotte, a Girl Scout and the daughter of Rowe’s best friend. In it, Charlotte points out that some of the cookies suffer from "false advertising," and shares her no-bones-about-it reviews, along with a rating from 1 to 10, about each and every Girl Scout cookie she has for sale.

So what’re the results?

Her highest rank cookie is a tie between Samoas and Thin Mints. Of the former she says: “Wow, the Samoa. I give it a 9. The Samoa has amazing flavor,” while the Thin Mint also receives a 9 for the “delectable” combination of chocolate and mint which she hails as “inspired.”

Trefoils? “This is a plain peanut butter cookie that pairs nicely with any hot drink. I give it a 6 because alone, it’s kinda boring.”

The lowest-ranked cookie on the other hand is the Toffee-tastic (we’ve never heard of it either), about which Charlotte has nothing kind to say: “Last and yes I’m sorry to say least it the Toffee-tastic…a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland…as flavorless as dirt.”

Yikes. We told you she wasn’t holding back.

To find out how the rest of your favorite cookies stood up to Charlotte’s standards—and which kind she calls a "bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland," check out more of her reviews in this PEOPLE post, and hear them all in Mike Rowe's video:

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