This New Cafe Gives You All the Free Coffee and Snacks You Want, and Charges by the Minute

This New Cafe Gives You All the Free Coffee and Snacks You Want, and Charges by the Minute

The café industry is ripe for disruption, say the owners of this brave new coffee shop.

By The Feast Staff

If you spend any time working at your laptop in a café, you know the whole charade: Every so often you get up to order another cup of coffee or an almond milk latte or a flat-white or what have you, just to buy yourself some extra time there. Because it's embarrassing—not to mention kind of unethical, right?—to take up space for hours (and hours) without paying rent for that table you're hogging.

Brooklyn's new Glasshour decided to ditch that whole routine and cut out the middleman: The staff will let you off the hook with that whole buying-another-coffee nonsense, and instead just charge you by the minute.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Glasshour.

The owners describe Glasshour as an "anti-café," and the first of its kind in the U.S. "Have you ever thought of a place where you can just go and relax, play board games with your friends, work, get coffee, tea, some snacks for free? We did," says its Facebook page. "We feel that we can disrupt the whole industry right now."
The coffee shop is up and running now, but just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get "new sorts of coffee and tea and more cookies," plus more games, books, posters (beyond the Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery wall art currently on display) and more activities for customers—in hopes, perhaps, of enticing guests to do something other than sit at their laptops for six hours straight?

Although hey, you can do that too: "If you want to stay a whole day long you will pay for four hours only!" says Glasshour's Facebook page. The café charges you $6 for the first hour, and 10 cents per minute, with a maximum of $24 per day—and yes, that does include as much caffeine and cookies as you can handle.

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