Google Photos Adds Facial Recognition for Pets

Google Photos Adds Facial Recognition for Pets

BRB, we’re taking so many new photos!

By Heather Dale

Oh yes they did! Google recently upgraded its fancy facial recognition feature in Google Photos — which, let’s be honest, already miraculously (and somewhat creepily) pools all of your pics into groups so you can label them with the names of each friend or family member. Now that extends beyond just people to include much cuter — and furrier — subjects … kitties and doggies! That’s right, thanks to the latest update from Google, the 8,956 photos of your fur baby woven through 26,000 total photos and equalling roughly six years' worth of memories, just got that much more organized. (Oh wait, that's just us?)

Before you go searching for your Corgi Ralph in the search bar, make sure you have the latest version of the app to access the magic pet mug recognition wizardry. You should get a notification like the one shown above that “Pets” have been added to the organized lineup. Once you are in the Albums tab, your “People” folder should now say “People and Pets.” Scroll down to find your four-legged friends and then tap their pics and add their names so all their photos will get grouped in one easy-to-access place. 

Google also makes it possible to search by specific breed, so if you’re a dog obsessed nut like myself, you can easily find those cute pics of the Labradoodles you were secretly stalking at the dog park the other day. This new feature isn’t completely flawless as of yet. I merged all of my girl Winnie’s faces to one folder but it still only managed to pull up 339 photos. I feel like I took 339 photos of her just last week! Granted Instagram and Snapchat filters can’t pick up facial features on my pup, so I guess I can’t be too harsh on Google. In the meantime, I’ll work on getting her to smile for the camera. That should help, right?! 


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