Gordon Ramsay Is Turning Garbage Into Dinner at This Pop-Up

Gordon Ramsay Is Turning Garbage Into Dinner at This Pop-Up

You know what they say about one man's trash....

By Lindsay Tigar

When you’re concocting your latest culinary extravaganza (or you know, throwing something together in five minutes before taking your front row seat to Netflix), you might not realize how much perfectly good food you're throwing away as you go. From that piece of onion that doesn’t make it past the peeling process to the tops of carrots that you worry are a bit dirty, Americans are guilty of dumping a lot of edible, delicious food right into the garbage.

In fact, it’s estimated that 40 percent of food in the U.S. is tossed aside, at an estimated cost of around $165 billion annually. This epic amount of leftover grub that could feed many hungry mouths was the inspiration for the first wastED pop-up in New York in 2015, at star chef Dan Barber's Blue Hill restaurant. Now, big-name chefs are back at it again, this time across the pond in London, where the new wastED series features the hot-headed Gordon Ramsay.

How does wastED work? Every dish involved has to be made out of common scraps and leftovers that would normally be chucked out. Barber, wastED's founder, told Bloomberg that the challenge of creating tasty meals with surprising ingredients is an exciting venture for his team, especially when food culture varies from New York to London.

Though the line-up will feature many chefs over the two week period from February 24 to April 2, including prominent British chefs like Clare Smyth and Tom Kerridge (who runs the world’s only two-star Michelin pub), Ramsay is definitely the star attraction. When you go to book your reservation (which you should do fast because spots are sure to fill up), you can choose from lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, depending on the day. May luck be on your side though: wastED isn’t revealing what day each chef is participating, so to experience the garbage-inspired meal he creates, you'll need to channel your inner psychic.

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