James Corden Pisses Off Gordon Ramsay in the Most Annoying Ride to the Airport Ever

James Corden Pisses Off Gordon Ramsay in the Most Annoying Ride to the Airport Ever

This video is hilarious.

By Drew DiSabatino

Getting to and from the airport can be a nightmare if you don’t have reliable public transportation options close at hand. You could drive yourself, but then you have to pay to park your car long term. You can grab an Uber, but then you risk having to pay an ungodly amount if there’s a surge. The best and most reliable option you have is to get someone to drive you to the terminal—assuming you can find a friend nice enough to do it.

Like  the notoriously kind Gordon Ramsay, for example.

OK, so maybe the hot-tempered chef/TV star isn't exactly synonymous with “cheer,” but he was still nice enough to give his pal James Corden a lift to LAX on The Late Late Show, as the talk show host and his band leader Reggie Watts departed for a week of episodes filmed in England as part of his #LateLateLondon week.

Though Ramsay was generous enough to drive the two to the airport, he probably regretted the decision as soon as he pulled up and saw Watts rolling a luggage trolley filled with suitcases, a cooler, a fish bowl, and musical instruments.

Once in the car, Corden and Watts solicited suggestions from Ramsay on what to eat before a flight, quickly learning from an irritated Ramsay that scarfing down two to three Cinnabon rolls is not what he considers a great idea.

From there, they moved on to talking places to eat in London (Corden suggests they check out restaurants from the best chefs in London: Jamie Oliver and Wolfgang Puck, of course), how Ramsay will deal with not being able to swear on live television during his new program The F Word, and finally a quiz on things that begin with the letter “F” (which really just means Watts and Corden clapping nonstop into the ear of a very annoyed Ramsay.)

Needless to say, by the time they reach the terminal Ramsay isn’t sad to see them go.

Check out the hilarious video below, and maybe think twice the next time someone asks you for a ride.

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