Granny Moving In? Just Plop Her In a Shed Out Back...Kidding, There Are Now Such Thing As "Granny Pods"

Granny Moving In? Just Plop Her In a Shed Out Back...Kidding, There Are Now Such Thing As "Granny Pods"

Go to your pod, grandma. Love you grandma. 

By Marianne Garvey

How awesome is this? 

Rather than move your beloved grandma or grandpa into a nursing home or live with the idea that they are lonely, they can live with you, but not on top of you. 

Welcome granny pods. 

It's a great solution that allows the rest of the family to love and keep an eye on grandma and grandpa—from the kitchen window.

Keep them warm, comfortable, and sit with them in their “Granny Pods,” the equivalent of tiny homes, which have been all the rage over the last few years.

They are little cottages created by a company in Blacksburg, Virginia, created the MEDCottages, fully equipped with kitchens and beds, where grandparents can hang out when they, or you, need a little privacy and rest. They can also be set up with hospital equipment and wheelchair ramps if your grandparents are very old, or railings and little things to help frail elderly loved ones navigate the space easier. But the French doors and wood floors make it look so not nursing-homey. 

The cost ranges from $85,000 to $125,000 and they are the size of a “master bedroom.” Many are equipped with an outside terrace if granny or gramps wants to chill outside.

There have been a few detractors to the Granny Pods, with a county politician in Virginia saying he is oppose dto the idea of building another home on family property.

"Is it a good idea to throw people into a storage container and put them in your back yard?" Fairfax County Supervisor Jeff C. McKay told the Washinton Post. "This is the granny pod. What's next? The college dropout pod?"

But nost surveys show that the elderly prefer to live in their own homes or with loved ones rather than in retirement communities or nursing homes. 

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