7 Gorgeous Green Cocktails You Actually Want to Drink (Not Just on St. Pat's Day!)

7 Gorgeous Green Cocktails You Actually Want to Drink (Not Just on St. Pat's Day!)

Tempted by a luscious drink that "sounds like guacamole and tastes like a lounge chair by the pool?" Read on.

By Meesha Halm

It’s easier to find a four-leaf clover than a decent green cocktail on March 17th, but there’s no reason to subject yourself to green beer, Shamrock Slushies and other questionable Lucky Charm concoctions when you can enjoy one of these 7 bartenders’ magically delicious cocktails. And there's nary a drop of Irish whiskey cream in sight.

Green Tomato Bloody Mary 

In the spirit of “drink early and often”, we suggest this seasonal green tomato Bloody Mary from Top Chef alum Bryan Voltaggio’s Range; it's an antidote to the conventional vodka plus tomato juice formula. “Bloody Mary mix has always reminded me of ketchup," regardless of whether it's tomato juice or some "elevated pre-made crap you spend too much money on,” laments bartender Dane Nakamura. “It's just there to make something boring—vodka—more interesting.” Instead, he blends his own umami-loaded tomato mix from a combo of smoked green tomatoes plus flavorful fire-roasted ingredients like jalapenos, green onions and garlic. The drink is then spiked with gin or reposado tequila (dealer’s choice) and served with lime zest and sea salt on the rim. Photo credit: Dane Nakamura

Green Goddess Drink 

Originally created as a non-alcoholic cocktail for a celebrity fundraiser by a.o.c. bar director Christiaan Rollich, the Green Goddess has taken L.A. by storm and is now the cornerstone of the bar program atTop Chef guest judge Suzanne Goin’s restaurant. The recipe has evolved quite a bit since its tee-totaling beginnings and is now spiked with housemade green-tea-infused vodka (though you can still order it as a virgin). A refreshingly sweet and sour affair, the drink gets its green hue from an herbaceous trio of freshly squeezed lemon juice, cucumber juice and wild arugula simple syrup, which also gives the drink a slight bitterness. A final hit of jalapeno juice gives it a slight heat that slowly creeps up on you, while the absinthe rinse in the glass provides extra body. Photo credit: Christiaan Rollich

Wang Dang Dula

This Day-Glo green cocktail, named after the 1963 R&B song by Donald & The Delighters, is a modern Texan twist on the classic Gin Gin Mule (itself a cross of a gin-gin and a Moscow mule). It's been a staple on the menu at Dallas’ Midnight Rambler cocktail salon since the place opened. To create his verdant variation, mixologist Chad Solomon replaces the gin with Lone State blanco tequila and dials down the ginger in favor of freshly extracted poblano pepper juices, then mixes in spearmint, lime juice and celery bitters to up the green quotient. The result is a dang spicy and refreshing cocktail with a slightly savory edge. Photo credit: Chad Solomon

Green Eyes

Forget “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.” At Portland Hunt and Alpine Club, Maine’s first craft-cocktail bar proffering Scandinavian bar bites, the must-order drink for the occasion is Green Eyes, a dry gin sour infused with herbs and green Chartreuse. A slightly sweet, pungent-green, distilled French liqueur, Chartreuse is aged with a secret formula of 130 herbs, plants and flowers prepared by Carthusian monks who have taken a vow of silence (it’s said that the exact recipe is only known to two monks at any given time). That's the secret weapon that gives the drink its distinctive flavor and alluring yellow-green color. Photo courtesy of Portland Hunt and Alpine Club

Greener Pastures

Add a little probiotic action to your drinking routine with a kombucha cocktail like the ones on tap at Alchemy Kombucha and Culture, a fermentation-friendly restaurant and bar in San Antonio. The first official taproom for Element Kombucha isn’t the only spot in the U.S. adding a little hooch to their ‘buch, but it’s certainly perfecting the art. Go in search of Greener Pastures, a Moscow Mule-inspired elixir showcasing the house-brewed, green-tea-spiked kombucha spiked with Żubrówka, a rye-based vodka from Poland infused with bison grass and lime sugar. The ‘bucha adds effervescence, notes of fresh grass and a green hue, while the housemade lime oleo adds a bit of sweetness and tartness, resulting in a drink that’s earthy, refreshing, and arguably even good for your digestive system. Photo courtesy of Alchemy

La Verte Hour

Get in touch with your green side with a visit from the Green Fairy (aka absinthe). Once revered as the muse of poets and artists, this formerly illegal spirit has regained its place at bars around the U.S. In Chicago, The Violet Hour’s La Verte Hour (aka the Green Hour) is a traditional absinthe service, presented in full regalia, replete with water that slowly dripsinto the spirit over a sugar cube held in a special perforated spoon; it's available every Monday-Thursday from 6-8pm. If you can’t stomach the stuff straight, the crew also mixes up absinthe-forward cocktails such as the Corpse Reviver #2, Absinthe Frappé, and The Libertine. Photo credit: Eden Laurin

The Guyabera

For an incredible DIY green cocktail recipe, we turned to H. Joseph Ehrmann, the illustrious bar consultant and owner of Elixir saloon in San Francisco. Served frozen or on the rocks, the Guyabera is a refreshing and surprisingly nutritious, Latin-inspired cocktail that, according to Ehrmann, “sounds like guacamole and tastes like a lounge chair by the pool.” A perfect storm of sweet, spicy and creamy, the elixir gets its smooth mouth feel from blended avocado that’s been sweetened with pineapple juice and agave nectar; the assertiveness of ginger spice and cilantro and acid in the lemon acid bring it into balance. For best results, Ehrmann recommends you use organic ingredients whenever possible. Photo credit: H. Joseph Ehrmann

The Guyabera Elixir

Recipe courtesy of H. Joseph Ehrmann

1 1/2 ounce Square One Cucumber organic vodka

1ounce lemon juice

1ounce pineapple juice (or half of a 1/2 inch slice of peeled fresh pineapple)

1ounce organic agave nectar

4 heaping bar spoons of avocado

A 3-finger pinch of cilantro

3 dime-size pieces of fresh ginger

10 ½ ounce glass full of ice (for the frozen version)


Wedge of lime

Sprig of cilantro

To serve on the rocks: Muddle the avocado, cilantro and ginger. Add the other ingredients and shake well with ice. Double strain over fresh ice and serve. Garnish with a wedge of lime and cilantro.

To serve frozen: Place all the ingredients in a blender including the ice (preferably a Vitamix or Barboss) and blend thoroughly. Garnish with lime and cilantro.


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