Guess Which Alcoholic Drink Causes The Most Fights Between Partners? Cheers!

Guess Which Alcoholic Drink Causes The Most Fights Between Partners? Cheers!

Couples who drink all the time fight a lot. You don't say. 

By Marianne Garvey
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Maybe it’s because they were drunk?

Only six percent of couples who meet at a bar last 10 years or more in their relationship, says a new survey. Better yet, 10 percent of couples who arrived buzzed on a first date had a higher rate of dissatisfaction as their commitment progressed.

Most Americans polled for the survey actually met their current significant others through friends. Over 31 percent met through a friend, while about 29 percent connected through social media or a dating website. But meeting someone through work, school, or at a bar was unlikely.

“While relationships where people met at school were less common, they tended to last the longest – averaging 12 years,” reported the survey.

People who met online were together the shortest length of time, even though lots of people met that way.

As for the bar, more than a third of women and nearly half of men said when they first met their dates they were already drinking. Between 32 and 38 percent of couples who preferred to visit breweries, sports bars, or nightclubs were completely satisfied with their relationships. Those who preferred going out with their partners to dive bars were the most likely to feel as though they had several problems in their relationships.

“While couples who abstain from alcohol are still likely to have some problems in their relationships, couples who regularly drink must deal with issues that they don’t,” said the report.

“While tequila drinkers were the most likely to report having occasional relationship problems, the group that saw the most issues with their significant others were rum drinkers,” said the survey.

Whiskey drinkers were the group with the least amount of relationship problems. Go figure. Sober couples came in next.

People who were in relationships longer were generally less likely to drink together each month.Relationship experts indicate that relationship problems can become exacerbated when alcohol is included.

“Ultimately, people whose relationships lasted the longest (10 years or longer) drank the least often together – no more than three times each month with their significant other. People who were in a relationship for one year drank the most, averaging almost six times each month,” said the study.

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