Warning: This Article Contains a Video of a Hairless Cat Using a Toilet Like a Human

Warning: This Article Contains a Video of a Hairless Cat Using a Toilet Like a Human

So, y’know, click if you dare.

By Kristyn Pomranz

One day not so long ago, we were in a regular ol’ meeting when our editor oh-so-casually mentioned that she has a friend who taught his hairless cat how to use a toilet like a human. Before we could even reply, “UM WHAT?!,” she had pulled up a YouTube video titled “Hairless Cat Poops in Toilet and Flushes” (which inexplicably only has ~32K views) and blown our damn minds. Naturally, we demanded to interview this Sphynx cat poopologist.

Why did you decide to adopt a hairless cat?

Chris: We got Tally [our hairless cat] for one reason—we live in a small 550 square foot apartment in D.C. and cat hair everywhere was not an option [and neither was the litter box.]

How did you train her?

The kit we used to train her is called the Litter Kwitter and it is literally a Skymall product. We had a hairless cat before and trained her after a few years, so when we got Tally, we knew we had to train her from day one.

How long did it take?

It took less than a month! The auto flusher [as seen in the video] was my partner's idea. When we first got the auto flusher, it would flush any time she got on the toilet, so she would hop up there for fun just to flush the toilet. So we turned the sensitivity way down and she figured out she needed to touch her nose to it.

Any missteps along the way?

Of course! Especially if we were gone for a long weekend, she would protest and use the bathmat or tub!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Tally is the best. She's as social as a dog, smart as a dolphin, and sweeter than a rabbit. She also sleeps with us at night. If we lay on our backs, she sleeps in our armpit area with her head on our shoulder. She's so sweet.

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