Trick or Tweet? These Halloween Birdies Slay

Trick or Tweet? These Halloween Birdies Slay

Or Happy Fowl-o-ween?

By Anthony Grant

Halloween season opens the Instagram floodgates to all manner of four-pawed friends decked out in spooky-cute finery and we are definitely here for it, be it a cute cat or a grumpy dog duo. But with all the focus on kitties and pups, it’s easy to forget about the ones who flap their wings above it all — and no, we don’t mean bats: Parrots!

With their bright plumage, parrots are natural-born attention seekers who never seem to shy away from the camera. And if a parrot in a pumpkin patch does not pack quite the same cuddle appeal as a dachshund in a wiener suit, well, variety is the spice of life and especially so at All Hallows’ Eve. Now, if only these birds could talk about their favorite costumes or Kardashians — wait, we bet some of them actually could! In the meantime, have a look at a few of our favorites.

We love this “spooktacular” pair: a ravishing hyacinth macaw on the left with his Amazon buddy in a jack-o’lantern hoodie.

Ever try to put one of those toy sombreros on your parakeet as a kid? If so, you probably realized it wouldn’t stay on too long.

Teddy the caique (a South American parrot) reminds us that orange is always the new orange, but especially in pumpkin season.

Here’s another little cutie … should we call him Parrot S. Pumpkins?

We had to include Rhea, because who can resist the power of a parrot in pink, right?

Pretty in Pink ! 💖💖

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Here’s a happy conure (a kind of parrot) in a bumblebee suit!

NOW THIS IS ART #birdsincostumes

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Lell the Scarlet Macaw’s Halloween get-up is proof that the DIY costume kick can work for your fine feathered friend, too.

Main image credit: parrotsrus/Instagram

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