11 Extra-Awesome Halloween Treats We Want to Get This Year

11 Extra-Awesome Halloween Treats We Want to Get This Year

From a Day of the Dead cake to a fancy skull-shaped bottle opener, we want these all.

By Jenny Adams

Halloween isn't just an excuse for kids (and grown-ups) to eat more candy. It's also an excellent time to treat yourself, and any food-lovers in your life, to something a tad more luxe. From glitzy, gold-plated barspoons with skulls on top to a carving set to help upgrade your pumpkin-carving game, here are 11 treats we definitely want in our baskets this year. And check out the killer Halloween cocktail recipe below.

Gold-plated Skull Barspoon from Cocktail Kingdom

Cocktail Kingdom is one of the world’s finest purveyors of barware, and for Halloween it offers a range of Skull Barspoons created in partnership with Tiki cocktail culture expert and author Jeff Beachbum Berry. Use them to add a wickedly cool touch to your cocktails, for Halloween or all year. Sure, you could go with the gunmetal black, steel or copper-plated versions, but we're smitten by the gold-plated style, which gives any drink a pirate-treasure bling. $31.95

Staub Cast-Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

If a pumpkin is the official emblem of fall, then soup is the official dish. What if you could make a pumpkin soup inside of a perfect pumpkin pot? Mind blownThis cast-iron, artistic piece of cookware is available via Food52. With a matte black finish and a curved, gilded pumpkin stem serving as the lid handle, this cocotte holds up to 3.5 quarts and handles temperatures up to 500-degrees. $179

Day of the Dead Cake

Williams Sonoma has contracted with the skilled artisans at Take the Cake, an independent bakery in Florida, to handle your dessert needs for November 1st. This Day of the Dead Cake is perfect for themed parties. Shipped frozen, it features a bright and intricate, stained-glass-effect Sugar Skull on top, and black frosting roses around the sides. Inside, it’s red velvet with chocolate cream cheese icing. It’s a little tough to slice into a cake this stunning, but we think you’ll manage. $79.95

Novelty Wall-Mounted Skull Bottle Opener

There's no better way to wash down all that candy than with a beer. This sinister metal skull is the ultimate Halloween drinking accessory. You can mount it on the wall, and its teeth are perfect for popping open a bottle of brew in October or year-round. $16.95

Gourd Condiment Set

Halloween doesn’t have to always be spooky. If it’s elegance you’re after, Pottery Barn has a way to show off jams, jellies, dips and even simple ‘ol ketchup with these small white hand-glazed gourds. It’s handy when your dishes perform double-duty as decorations, and you could even throw these in the dishwasher. Leave them out all the way through Thanksgiving. $54.99

Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Set

Owner and Artist Ryan Wickstrand offers a range of printable patterns to help you go from amateur pumpkin carver to Picasso Gourd Grand Master. (Feel free to add that to your business cards.) This year, he’s selling a carving tool set, which includes a walnut and brass handle that can support six interchangeable carving blades. They're made of high-carbon steel, with three heavy-duty blades and three for fine detail. The kit comes with an instruction sheet, and the site also supports Conquer Chiari (C&S Patient Education Foundation) this year. $22

Try This At Home Cookbook by Top Chef alum Richard Blais

Richard Blais, star chef and Top Chef Season 4 alum, is known for his mad-scientist creations. While you can stop in one of his Flip Burger locations for an incredibile Liquid Nitrogen Milkshake, we encourage you to pick up his Try This At Home cookbook this fall. It offers tons of experimental, molecular-gastronomy ideas that you could easily pull off for any Halloween gathering. The cover artwork pretty much screams Halloween too. $30

A Dinner for Two at Beetle House in New York City, NY

Material possessions are great; don’t get us wrong. But the holidays are all about experiences, no? This year, if you’re in New York City, pop by Beetle House. It’s an entire dining/drinking venue inspired by Tim Burton's films, and it's open year-round. Burton has nothing to do with the project, but this homage will have fans of Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline swooning. In addition to a trippy, purple lit décor with lots of frightening and whimsical props, the menu plays up the theme with its Edward Burger Hands with Sriracha cream, and a classic chili called The Butcher’s Stew.

A Creature from the Deep Drink Dispenser

Any good bartender will tell you that serving individual drinks to guests will keep you too busy to have much fun. That’s why we fell for this sea creature drink dispenser. Give it to someone (or yourself) this season, and you'll be giving not only a perfect finishing touch for a Halloween party, but also the gift of freedom. Guests can pour their own punch, leaving a host or hostess free to hang out and actually enjoy the party. $159.95

A Pack of Personalized Labels

Evermine is a company that creates custom sticker labels, and its Halloween designs offer lots of inspiration. You can simply apply a label over your favorite treat to transform it into a personalized gift. A common box of Tic Tac candies becomes “Magic Pumpkin Seeds,” or your favorite bottle of red wine becomes “Bloody Good Burgundy.” Prices vary.

A Bottle of St. George Absinthe Verte

The renewed interest in absinthe (and its re-legalization stateside in 2007) has produced a boom of wormwood-based options. However, just because it’s brilliantly green doesn’t mean it’s good. Our pick for one of the best absinthes available is actually one of the darkest. Murkier in color, St. George is a true gem served neat or in cocktails. You’ll get gorgeous notes of wormwood, fennel and star anise, backed up by secondary botanicals like stinging nettles and hyssop. The label of a monkey wielding a femur feels apropos to the holiday, too. $60/750ml

RECIPE, courtesy of St. George Absinthe

The Root of All Evil Cocktail

1 oz. St. George Absinthe Verte

2 oz. artisanal root beer


Pour the absinthe into a rocks glass over ice. Top with the root beer and stir until lightly clouded and well combined. Garnish with a star anise on the rim.

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