5 New Ways to Keep a Hangover from Ruining Your Weekend or Life

5 New Ways to Keep a Hangover from Ruining Your Weekend or Life

Just wave your magic wine wand—yeah, that's a thing now.

By Lizbeth Scordo

Ah, the holidays. Between office parties (open bar!), endless socializing (post-shopping cocktails!), and for better or worse, more family gatherings than usual (can someone please open another bottle of wine?), there's a decent chance you're going to over-imbibe at least once this season. Here, five products and services that claim to help with that hangover, from banishing it after a night out to preventing it in the first place.

The Wand

When you place this thing in a glass of wine and then swirl and soak it for at least three minutes, the supposedly wine-purifying action—developed by an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering—absorbs the histamines and sulfite preservatives (that would be the stuff that causes nasty next-day wine headaches along with, for some people, congestion and flushed skin) from your wine without affecting the flavor at all. And if you really want to go to town, the company says that leaving that wand in a few extra minutes, for a total of eight minutes, gets rid of 95 percent of sulfites and histamines. It may sound too good to be true, but at $3 a pop, this potentially very magical wand could be worth a try. $24.99 for an 8-pack

The Wand photo courtesy of PureWine.

Never Too Hungover

These liquid supplements come in mini 3.4-ounce bottles and contain a sugar-free, natural blend of potassium, electrolytes, milk thistle, vitamin B, green tea extract and aloe vera. The company recommends you take the Prevention version of the supplement prior to drinking to avoid a hangover. The Boost, meanwhile, adds a double dose of B-12 and caffeine to the formula and is meant to help you recover from hangover symptoms the next day (in case you didn't follow the aforementioned instructions). For either, one shot is meant to cover you for up to seven alcoholic drinks, so let's hope for everyone's sake you only need one. $23.99 for a six-pack of Prevention or Boost.


This extensive product line includes everything from liver support supplements to electrolyte concentrates to tablets that can reduce that pesky alcohol facial flush. But its flagship product, the Drinkwel daily multi-vitamin, is specifically made for people who drink and is meant to support the liver, replenish nutrients, and help the body process alcohol (read: not feel so bad afterwards) on the days when you do have a few The Life of the Party kit, a little fit-in-your-clutch tin, includes a couple of multi-vitamin packets, electrolyte tablets, breath mints, and some healthy-cocktail recipe cards. $39.95 for a 30-day supply of Drinkwel multi-vitamins

The I.V. Doc

When you've got a serious hangover and an even more serious big day ahead (as in, did a bunch of shots the night before a big presentation or got sloshed at your own rehearsal dinner kind of serious), it might be worth ponying up for a visit from The I.V. Doc. After ordering the service online (it's currently available in 11 cities), you consult with a physician on the phone and get a customized plan based on your needs. The doctor then sends a registered nurse to your home to administer your I.V. hydration bag of choice. There are three hangover-focused treatments, ranging between 1000 and 2000 ml of fluid, plus options to add in anti-nausea, anti-heartburn, or anti-inflammatory medication. The big-dog Revive treatment, otherwise known as "deathbed relief" has all three medications and the 2000 ml of fluid. Kinda makes you want to stick with soda water this season … $219-$269 per treatment


The makers of this pill tout that it not only helps with hangovers, but it also clears up brain fog thanks to the active ingredient Dihydromyricetin, an anti-oxidant that suppresses the increase of GABA in the brain; the neurotransmitter slows down communication between brain cells and  can cause problems with fine motor skills, speech, judgment, and, well, you get the idea. Additional ingredients and vitamin formulas are meant to detox the liver, flush toxins, and restore energy.  When you take this after drinking but before bed, Sobur's makers say it can help get the chemicals in your brain back to their usual—sober?—levels. $34.99 for 10 night's worth

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