Hannah Bronfman Loves Hot Yoga with Her Husband

Hannah Bronfman Loves Hot Yoga with Her Husband

She dishes on workouts and date nights!

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Hannah Bronfman is one of those women who does it all — and (at least it seems from our vantage point) pretty seamlessly. She’s a health, fitness, and beauty fan… and she truly lives her passions, including literally running with another love of hers: husband and fellow DJ Brendan Fallis, who she married in May.

Beyond being an entrepreneur and a newlywed, the 29-year-old is OPI's newest beauty ambassador. The brand just launched its NEW ProHealth Collection, a top and basecoat for gel manicures that removes gel polish in as little as seven minutes without any nail damage. Can you say: #7minutesinheaven?

When we caught up with the fit chick in New York City, we wanted to know all about how she stays looking good, feeling good, and of course, the mushy love stuff, too. Side note: her nail art read: “Miss you” and “Love You” in French. Adorbs.

Do you and your husband work out together?

We actually used to work out together all the time, but as our fitness goals change, we kind of stopped working out together as much — but we still go out for runs together. That’s a really nice thing we can do. It’s hard for me to run outdoors and it’s easy for him, so it’s great for me to run with him. He doesn’t let me give up! That’s really, really nice.

How far do you guys typically run?

Like 4 miles.

Would you guys ever sign up for a race together or do a Tough Mudder sort of challenge together?

We totally love a challenge. We would definitely do that together. We do go to hot yoga together, as well, in the winter. We kind of do things that we aren’t doing otherwise. We both lift. I do dance cardio, he doesn’t — but then, hot yoga is something we can both do together that we don’t normally do in our practice anyway.

Besides working out, what’s a typical date night like?

We’re huge foodies, so a typical date night is us at home cooking, or us trying out a new restaurant that we’ve been dying to go to. Also, a lot of our date nights consist of double dates. We have so many friends who are in great relationships and we love as couples. We definitely try to have as much social dates as possible. Otherwise, we’re at home watching The Handmaid’s Tale, which has been so intense.

What healthy restaurants are you guys loving these days?

There’s a restaurant De Maria, that I’m obsessed with. Nix is amazing. I love Ruby’s. Two Hands. abcV is amazing. Their breakfast is outrageous. 

Has your relationship changed since being married, versus being engaged, versus dating?

It’s funny. I can definitely say that it’s different, being married. I think it’s just more about those things that were kind of "potential future" is just future. So, now we’re kind of moving toward those steps. It’s new and it’s exciting but it feels different, even though we knew it was going to be the outcome — it really is the outcome. It’s really awesome. It’s cool.

Would you ever renew your vows?

Maybe. We’re not mad at a sappy, romantic party — so, definitely maybe, that’s a possibility. Haven’t thought about that, but maybe 10 years or something. That would be cute.

What else is coming up for you?

It’s my birthday! I’m turning 30 next month. My husband’s planning it.

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