Have More Sex And You'll Be A High Performing, High Paid Employee, Says One Professor

Have More Sex And You'll Be A High Performing, High Paid Employee, Says One Professor

If you get it on at home more, you'll be on could nine the next day. 

By Marianne Garvey

If you have a lot of sex in your personal life you’re basically A+ at your job, according to a new study.

"We make jokes about people having a 'spring in their step,' but it turns out this is actually a real thing and we should pay attention to it," Keith Leavitt, the Oregon State University professor who conducted the work/sex experiment, says. "Maintaining a healthy relationship that includes a healthy sex life will help employees stay happy and engaged in their work, which benefits the employees and the organizations they work for."

The study followed 159 married employees over a two week period and had them to fill out two surveys each day about their sex and work performance. Those who got it on the night before reported being in more positive mood the next day (duh) which led to paying more attention at work, more satisfaction in the workplace and better dealings with coworkers throughout the day.

The positive effects of sexy time lasted about 24 hours.

“Those who prioritized sex at home unknowingly gave themselves a next-day advantage at work, where they were more likely to immerse themselves in their tasks and enjoy their work lives,” said Keith.

“Sexual intercourse triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with the reward centers in the brain, as well as oxytocin, a neuropeptide associated with social bonding and attachment. That makes sex a natural and relatively automatic mood elevator and the benefits extend well into the next day.”

There is a downside. The study also showed that bringing work-related stress home from the office negatively affected employees' sex lives.

“In an era when smart phones are prevalent and after-hours responses to work emails are often expected, the findings highlight the importance of leaving work at the office,” the study says. “When work carries so far into an employee's personal life that they sacrifice things like sex, their engagement in work can decline.”

The study sums up that the results are a reminder that sex has “social, emotional and physiological benefits, and it's important to make it a priority.”

“Just make time for it,” says the study.

"Making a more intentional effort to maintain a healthy sex life should be considered an issue of human sustainability, and as a result, a potential career advantage.”

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