Having An Emotional Affair? How To End It If You Want To Save Your Relationship

Having An Emotional Affair? How To End It If You Want To Save Your Relationship

Not all affairs are between the sheets. 

By Jen Glantz

Breaking it off with a person you've found yourself staying up late to talk to, admitting your deepest darkest problems and secrets to can be something you don't want to face. Truth is, just because you're not physical with that person, you may still be down the rabbit hole of an emotional affair, which sometimes can be worse than anything else.

If you’re scared you’re going to compromise your relationship with your significant other if you keep carrying on this way, here are the some ways to cut it off. 

1. Be honest

Speak with the person you're having this relationship with. Let them know what they have has meant to you over time and why it's also time to end it with them. Be honest about the repercussions of continuing on the way you two have been and be clear as to why you are ready to put a period on the side relationship you've created with them.

2. Cut ties

Remove them from social media, block them from sending you a text or calling you up, even set up an email function where their correspondence to you goes straight in your spam folder. This will help you create a digital distance with them that is needed for you to cut ties.

3. Make a pro/con list

If you are consider carrying on with this person and even ditching your significant other to be full-time committed to your emotional sidepiece, then make a pro/con list. Are you in love with the idea of being with this other person because things are missing in your current relationship? Are those things fixable? Do you even want to fix them? This may help you get to the true reason as to why you're doing what you're doing.

4. Take a vacation

Skip town. Leave your phone behind. Leave everything behind. By taking a break from the situation and putting distance between yourself and what is going on, you may come across realizations you wouldn't have seen otherwise.

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