Help! This Arkansas Bride's Husband Accidentally Donated Her Dress to Goodwill And She Desperately Wants It Back

Help! This Arkansas Bride's Husband Accidentally Donated Her Dress to Goodwill And She Desperately Wants It Back

How exactly does that happen, you ask?

By Jen Glantz

For every bride, what they wear to their wedding may go down as one of the most glam outfits they ever wear in their entire life. That’s why they spend a lot of time searching for the dress of their dreams -  which they obviously plan to wear on their wedding day.

But once the party ends, and the thank-you notes are sent out, the bride’s dress goes into storage and likely only pulled out for special anniversaries. 

That’s why it was so shocking for Arkansas bride, Angela Palladino, to find out that the dress she wore to her October wedding in Eureka Springs was suddenly missing.

Almost a year after her wedding, she went to look at her wedding dress, after reliving wedding memories with a friend on the phone...that’s when she opened up a closet door in her new house, to realize the dress wasn’t there.

It hit her that the only place it could have been was a place she didn’t mean for it to be: Goodwill.

“My sweet husband TJ had planned to drop a few boxes of stuff off for donation at Goodwill,” said Palladino. “As it turns out, the suitcase with my dress somehow wound up over by those boxes. Unknowingly, TJ packed everything up in the car and donated it at the nearby Goodwill in Rogers, Arkansas.”

When she realized the dress was gone and potentially hanging up in someone else’s closet, bought at a very, very discounted price, she began to feel heartbroken.

“When I realized the dress was missing, my heart completely sank, because really, it’s about so much more than the dress itself. It’s about all the emotion, the love and the happiness tied to that one special day that you get to wear it.”

Angela and her husband, TJ, sprung into action to try to get their hands on that dress. They posted on Craigslist, her personal Facebook page, and even created a page for it on Facebook, in hopes that someone might stumble upon it and reach out to her.

A few days ago, Angela finally got some news, when a woman on Facebook responded saying that she’d seen a dress exactly like the one Angela lost at a Goodwill in Springdale three weeks earlier. Angela spoke with the cashier of the store, who told her that she’s 99 percent positive the dress was sold two weeks ago, but didn’t know anything else.

While Angela Is still looking to get her dress back, she also has found solace that someone else will wear that dress on their wedding day and feel gorgeous in it. She’s also begun to use this situation as one to learn about letting go and has done that to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“There are brides in serious need in Texas who have lost everything because of the Harvey - who haven't even had a chance to celebrate their weddings yet,” Palladino said. “My husband TJ and I have packed up all of the decor we have been hanging on to from our wedding and are sending to down to Texas.”

“I think I’ll always wonder about where my dress ended up, but at this point I just have to trust the that the universe knows what it’s doing.  

If you have any leads about Angela’s dress, you can contact her here

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