This Chef is Cooking High-End Food Infused With Marijuana

This Chef is Cooking High-End Food Infused With Marijuana

Ready to go way beyond brownies and edible candies? This is your man.

By The Feast Staff

File this under "had to happen sooner or later": An adventurous chef is creating elegant restaurant-quality dishes infused with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. On his YouTube show "Pot Pie" and in an original video on Grub Street, you can watch the "Herbal Chef," Chris Sayegh, at work using liquid THC to create dishes like steak with red-wine reduction, and gnocchi, and Hawaiian-inspired poke. And if you're in the Southern California area, you might be able to try the dishes for yourself.

Will Sayegh's dishes get you high? Yes they will. But as Sayegh puts it, that experience isn't so different from drinking wine with your dinner: “To me this is a cerebal experience, [as if] you're choosing to intoxicate yourself with wine and have a different perception, which is what alcohol does." He adds, "Cannabis is doing the same thing... With each course you’re literally changing your brain chemistry. It’s a whole experience that keeps evolving with you as the courses go on.”

Sayegh is keeping it legal, offering his dishes only to clients who have a medical mariuana license. He creates his weed-infused meals at pop-ups and private homes all over L.A. And in November, California will put a new measure on ballots to legalize recreational marijuana. 

In the meantime, check out one of Sayegh's marijuana-cooking videos here, and if you're lucky maybe he'll come to your house and make dinner for you:

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