Want To Get Out Of There? Here Are The Best Ways to End a First Date in 30 Minutes

Want To Get Out Of There? Here Are The Best Ways to End a First Date in 30 Minutes

No need to fake an emergency. 

By Jen Glantz

Finding yourself tapping your toes underneath the table, hoping that someone calls you with an emergency or the restaurant decides to explode in flames that moment? That's the mental state you may find yourself in when you're on a bad date.

Even though it can be easy to find yourself sitting across from Mr. Wrong, it can feel extremely hard to say, "Check, please," to the waiter and call it a night. So, if you find yourself on a date that you're eager to cut short, here are the best ways to end a first date in 30 minutes - or less.

1. Bathroom break

One way to seamlessly put an end to a date is to go to the bathroom right after the first cup of coffee or drink is finished, which shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, and upon your return, thank the person for the nice time and ask the question, "Should we head out?" They might be a bit shocked that you're calling the date quits, but perhaps they will be on the same page with you that it is just not working and will be glad you didn't order a second round.

2. Blame work

If you're finding yourself stuck in a conversation that you wish you could press the mute button on, let your date know that you have to head out soon to take care of something for work. For best results, scroll through the emails on the phone (since we all have a ton of those) and comment on how your work life balance is totally off these days.

3. Say goodbye when you get there

Before you even step foot in the bar or coffee shop, let your date know that you can't stay longer than 30 minutes. While some people may be turned off by this "quickie," they might be pleased you set a time limit on the date, in case it's not a good match. If it is, you can make plans for a longer date in the future.

4. Be honest

The truth may hurt, but really? It’s one date. How badly can you hurt someone’s feelings if 30 minutes into getting to know them, you pause and say, “You are great, but I don’t see this working out romantically. Friends?” It is much better than wasting three hours chatting with them just to ghost them when they try to contact you after the date ends.

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