Here's How To Return Your Engagement Ring For One You Actually Want 

Here's How To Return Your Engagement Ring For One You Actually Want 

There are polite ways to go about it.

By Jen Glantz

Perhaps you have always imagined the style wedding dress you’d one day tiptoe down the aisle in and you have envisioned the exact way your significant other would get down on one knee and pop the question to you. One thing you have probably spent quite a lot of time on, whether you are single or in a serious relationship, is what your engagement ring will look like.

That ring will live on your finger for as long as your relationship with that person lasts (which is hopefully forever). So what happens when the engagement ring you’re given is not the one you want? 

Here’s how to return your engagement ring without making anyone upset (even the love of your life who paid big bucks for it).

1. Be honest

You may try to convince yourself that a diamond ring is a diamond ring and you’ll grow to love it. But if in a couple of months you’re sticking your tongue out at the piece of jewelry that’s supposed to make you happy to look at, confess. Tell your partner that you’re not feeling it and that you want to get a different ring.

2. Check out the return policy

Find out what the return policy is on the ring. Some stores will not let you return the ring and some will give you a period of 30 days or so to exchange or get a full refund. See if you can get your money back or a store credit to pick something out there. If not, it’s time to move to plan B.

3. Sell it second hand

Your plan is to sell the ring to get some money back for the new ring of your dreams. You can sell the ring online (there are many stores like “I Do, Now I Don’t” or “Tradesy” where you can sell your ring to someone else who may adore that style.

4. Rent before you buy

If you’re looking to get a new engagement ring but have no idea what style is the one for you, consider renting a ring for a little bit and then making your decision. There are several online sites and stores (Hautevault and William Henry) that will let you rent a diamond ring, for a day or a week, so you can wear it to an event or just see how it jives with your hand before investing in a new engagement ring. 

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