Here's How To Throw A Kid-Free Wedding...And Not Be Burned At The Stake

Here's How To Throw A Kid-Free Wedding...And Not Be Burned At The Stake

No screaming, crying, or running around...unless it's a drunk adult.

By Marianne Garvey
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Mom and dad, you’re just going to have to deal with it—in fact, wouldn’t you love a night away from the little ones?

Childless weddings are not rude, they’re the norm, says Seri Kertzer, of Little Miss Party, who has planned countless weddings and knows all the rules when it comes to your big day.

But how to tell guests “no kids allowed” is a question she often gets.

“You don’t do it [say no kids] on the invite,” Seri says. “The way you invite people is on the envelope by name. The whole family invited would be addressed to 'The Smith Family,' just parents would be 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith.' Most guests understand what that means.”

Seri says if there’s any question, then just ask the bride and groom if children are allowed to party with the adults on the big day. She adds that where things get tricky is when the kids are a bit older, say 9 or 10 years old.

“Let’s say it’s a family member, and the kid is a bit older. Usually they can politely ask is my son or daughter invited if you are unsure. If they say ‘no,” then you have to accept that. If it’s young kids it’s pretty obvious they’re not invited,” she says, adding, “the parents won’t want to bring them anyway.”

But some couples getting married don’t even want older children there.

“What people don’t understand about weddings is it’s about the bride and groom, you’re lucky to be invited at all,” Seri says. “If they made the decision [to have no kids there] you have to respect that. What you can do is if it’s out of town, ask if they can recommend a babysitting service.”

And if your kid is old enough to ask—or care—about attending, tell them they’ll be home having a “great movie night" instead.

“Some people just don’t want kids there,” Seri explains. “Kids are crying and screaming during the ceremony, and people sometimes don’t want screaming and running and yelling. The other thing is think ab how much it costs to eat at a wedding…do you really want to spend that on a kid?”

Overall, Seri says people should be accepting of the rules, it’s become very normal to not want kids of any kind at your nuptials, so don’t feel bad if you want a kid-free wedding day.

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