Here's Why It's Totally OK If You Don't Unplug on Vacation

Here's Why It's Totally OK If You Don't Unplug on Vacation

Hey, it's just not for everyone.

By Alesandra Dubin

How does a vacation totally unplugged from technology sound to you? As an overworked American with extremely limited vacation days, perhaps it appeals — at least as something to aspire to. Or maybe it sounds maddeningly restricted, a recipe for self-judgement and stress. And if that's you — don't beat yourself up. Consider that there are many reasons you might just not be a candidate for a getaway like that... and that's totally OK.

"What if you love your job so much that it actually makes you happier to do some light work from the road than it would to go off the grid?" asks Fast Company in an exploration into the topic. And fancy that! In a tech-connected world where work and life blend, does it have to be a bad thing? Step away, use your fresh perspective to generate a spontaneous and great idea for a professional project in which you're totally invested, send a quick email about it — then get back to the beach!

And what if you feel so connected to work that forcing yourself to unplug altogether would prohibit you from going anywhere... ever? "If giving yourself license to check in on email every other day during your week away is what gets you to book that flight and actually enjoy yourself once you’re there, why not do it?" Fast Company suggests.

If your personality tends toward workaholism, think of a connected vacation as a tool to help you process the often negative personality quirks associated with such an attitude toward work, such as neuroticism, perfectionism to a fault, and compulsive tendencies. "If checking in on work periodically helps you feel connected to what you care about while you’re kicking back, do it," suggests Fast Company. "That compromise might even help you train yourself to ease up on your workaholism in the long run."

Last, if you absolutely cannot wait for the chance to fully unplug for vacation or any other brief opportunity, you might consider the source of those feelings — maybe it's not you, but your job. 

"Being able to step away from your work is healthy, but avoiding it like the plague might not be," Fast Company notes. "Since vacations, much like weekends, are only likely to provide a short-term fixes to your work troubles, you may be better off getting to the cause of the problem and switching to a job you actually enjoy."

So yeah, if it's too easy for you to unplug... maybe it's actually quittin' time. And if unplugging feels completely impossible, go easy on yourself — you're doing it right, too.

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