Hilary Swank is Fostering Two of the Cutest Puppies You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life

Hilary Swank is Fostering Two of the Cutest Puppies You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life

We’re sure these cuties will find their fur-ever homes in no time flat!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Nothing warms our hearts more than when celebrities use their platforms to speak out on behalf of animals in need. But what’s even better than advocacy? Action. While adoption is optimal, fostering is also an integral part of the homing process, and plenty of big-hearted stars have stepped up to the plate and opened their homes.

There’s Kristen Bell, who was fostering a sweet pup named Muppet. And Patrick Stewart, who brought a Pibble named Ginger into his life (and pool). More recently, Don’t Be Tardy’s Kim Zolciak-Biermann became a proud foster parent to a trio of puppies in need. And the newest member of the club? Noted animal lover Hilary Swank.

Join #AcademyAward winner @hilaryswank and apply to #foster! #linkinbio www.louieslegacy.org/foster Have you been thinking about #fostering or #adopting a needy pet? Maybe it would help to know that the newest #foster parent to join the #louieslegacy team is Academy Award winner #HilarySwank! When we posted two urgent dogs in need of help at one of our partner #shelters, she decided it was time to step in and become a #fosterparent to a needy animal! Hilary is no stranger to #animalwelfare and has been following #LouiesLegacy for some time! "I have followed you and admired your work for the rights of animals for a long time now," she said when applying. We are so #grateful and #humbled that she took notice of the work that our staff and #volunteers do each and every day! Hilary's message to the community is this: "There are so many ways to help an #animal in need. One is to always #adopt and don't shop! Two is to go into shelters and volunteer your time to walk and love on the animals, reminding them how special they are so they have hope they won't be forgotten and will eventually find their #forever homes! The third is to #foster! If you can't bring a #rescue into your home forever, think about #fostering. #Fostering not only saves lives and allows more room for other animals in the #shelter until they too find a foster or forever home, but it can also be an important transition to finding forever homes. The grateful heartfelt love I receive from #dogs when fostering is life-changing, not only for the dog, but for me." We urge you to apply to #foster a pet whose only chance may be the moment you took to make the choice to say "yes"-- that his or her life is worth it. Even with the tireless work of all of our fosters and volunteers in 8 states, there are #heartbreaking many for whom #rescue never comes. Apply online to foster at www.louieslegacy.org/foster and help us tell as many #pets as possible that their lives are worth it! Tomorrow is a new day! #HilarySwank did, and so can you!

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The Academy Award winner is fostering two golden retriever mix puppies named Mulder and Scully (!!!) from Louie’s Legacy, a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue based in Cincinnati and Staten Island. The organization is foster-based, meaning the animals grow up in actual homes rather than shelters. So when Hilary Swank saw Louie’s Legacy’s Instagram plea, she reached out and had the dogs flown from Ohio to California.

Hilary recently wrote on her Instagram, “Nothing makes me happier than the ability to help animals in their time of need. Thanks to awareness through social media, I am currently #fostering these cuties from @louieslegacy! The grateful and heartfelt #love I receive from them on a daily basis has been life-changing for all of us. If you can’t bring a rescue into your home forever, please think about fostering. It not only saves lives and allows more room for other animals in the shelter, but it’s also an important transition to show these animals that they are loved. Click the link in my bio to see how you can help! #AdontDontShop #RescueDogs #DogMom”

A hundred hugs to Hilary for helping these sweet dogs in need!

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