Hillary Clinton Goes Viral Again for Another Epic Airplane Photo

Hillary Clinton Goes Viral Again for Another Epic Airplane Photo

The Internet is hypnotized by HRC's in-flight behavior.

By Alesandra Dubin
Things You Never Knew About Flying Commercial

Hillary Clinton is no one-hit wonder when it comes to amazing (if ironic) photos taken in airplanes.

In the most recent instance, a fellow passenger noticed the frequent traveler sitting in coach on a flight, snapped a pic, and shared it.

While it may surprise some people that Clinton sometimes flies coach — hey, even Ivanka Trump sometimes flies coach — it's not that bit that made the photo spread like wildfire.

No, it's because of the particular detail that Clinton is reading a newspaper with interest. The headline? "Pence used personal email in office." (You may remember a certain drama about Clinton's own personal email server back during the 2016 presidential election.)

Let's recall now another famous Clinton photo: Back in late 2015, a black-and-white picture went viral that showed Clinton staring seriously into her Blackberry, in all-black HBIC-style wardrobe and sunglasses, on a flight to Libya in 2011. That photo became famous when it launched the meme "Texts from Hillary," which featured it alongside imagined messages between Clinton and other famous, important people.

By the way? We know from her (damn) email leaks the moment she learned that this photo was going viral. According to The Hill, an aid's email informed her of its proliferation. Clinton was surprised that the already-old image suddenly had legs. The aid wrote: "You look cute." Apparently Clinton agreed, because she later used the image on her social media accounts. (And you would have too, because it's the ultimate in travel badassery.)

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